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TISA hosting Open Auto Drive Meeting in Brussels


  • March 2017 TISA Committee Meetings in Taipei

    March 23, 2017

    After signing the MoU with TTIA in August 2016, the TISA Committees decided to hold their March 2017 Meetings in Taiwan for underlining the importance of Asia-Pacific for TISA as well as strengthening the collaboration with TTIA and the TISA members in that region. The meetings of the Technical & Standardization Committe, the Content & […]

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  • Brian Smith (Intelematics) receives the 2017 TISA Achievement Award

    March 23, 2017

    To honor his long-term commitment to TISA, Brian Smith of Intelematics, Australia, received the 2017 TISA Achievement Award. Brian delivered significant contributions to the TISA work on the Quality of Traffic Information. He spearheaded the implementation of QBench at Intelematics, where it is now used to continuously improve the service and customer experience. “Working with […]

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TISA (Traveller Information Services Association) is a market-driven membership association with worldwide scope, established as a non-profit company focussed on proactive implementation of traffic and travel information services and products based on existing standards, including primarily RDS-TMC and TPEGTM technologies.

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