Brian Smith (Intelematics) receives the 2017 TISA Achievement Award

March 23, 2017

BrianTo honor his long-term commitment to TISA, Brian Smith of Intelematics, Australia, received the 2017 TISA Achievement Award. Brian delivered significant contributions to the TISA work on the Quality of Traffic Information. He spearheaded the implementation of QBench at Intelematics, where it is now used to continuously improve the service and customer experience. “Working with TISA and the exchange of knowledge with other TISA members was very helpful in that respect”, states Brian. Further, he provided vital support to TISA in preparing and conducting the TISA activities at the 2016 ITS World Congress in Melbourne. After receiving the award, Brian concludes: “It is a great honor for Intelematics and since much of the work is a team effort, I need to thank my colleagues at Intelematics for all their support”.