Thomas Kusche-Knežević, WDR, announces launch of public TPEG Service via DAB+ in Germany

Mr Kusche-Knežević  presented the current status of TPEG in Germany via DAB+, and announced that German public service broadcaster network ARD has launched a public TPEG Service via DAB+ at IFA on September 4th, 2017.

He explained that this is a national service based on contributions from nine regional PSBs and using just one national SID. The service collects regional content of ARD members and sends back any relevant message from the German road network to ARD members multiplexes using a TIC3 based data pool. ARD members provide a full set of regional messages and any relevant content from other multiplex areas.

Mr Kusche-Knežević highlighted that this is not only a German activity, it also involves Switzerland, where Viasuisse AG/SA and SRG have developed corresponding services. The result is a synchronised service design with the same technical and editorial specifications.

Mr Kusche-Knežević stated “ARD is happy to improve the quality of Public Service. We are looking forward to cooperate with device makers to make TPEG via DAB+ a market success”

Many TISA members supported this major activity: ADAC, IRT, BMt, Garmin, GEWI, SRS SSR, Viasuisse AG/SA and WDR.

Left: Mr Kusche-Knežević, Senior Editor, WDR
Second left: Marc Brönnimann, Director, Viasuisse AG / SA

Garmin prototype showing the new service

TISA Committee Meetings 12-13 September 2017

The TISA Committee meetings of September 12-13th, 2017, began with a session of the TISA Content and Service Provision Committee. Thomas Kusche-Knežević, Senior Editor WDR, began the proceedings with a presentation on the “Situation of TPEG Services in Germany via DAB+” (see news item), followed by Guido Di Pasquale, Senior Manager Research and Innovation, UITP: “Digitalisation : a revolutionary impact on Public Transport“.

The next session involved the TISA Technical and Standardisation Committee, which saw Pieter Pauwels of Be-Mobile elected as co-chair, along with presentations by BBK Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance, Germany (BBK) on the use of  the CAP protocol and the possible application of  TPEG2 Emergency Alert and Warning (EAW).

After the lunch break, proceedings got back underway with the TISA BAWG. Alessandro Taddei also presented on TPEG3 for highly automated driving.

The final session of the day focused on Public Authorities, where the cooperation between public authorities delivering traffic data and service providers distributing traffic services was reviewed, as well as future topics for the Public Authorities Group.

The next day saw discussions of the Products Committee, with a presentation by Luc Jansseune, Senior Manager, ERTICO, on the “EATA Alliance”, followed by a workshop on a potential future TPEG3 version.

The next committee meetings will be held on 12-13  December, 2017, and be hosted by the City of Hamburg and Neusoft Technologies. For other future events, please refer to the TISA website events page.

GEWI Returns to Rathmansdorf to Celebrate 25th Anniversary in Business

In September of 1992, Hagen Geppert and Dr. Karl Will combined their technical and engineering skills and founded GEWI, opening their first office in Rathmansdorf, Germany.

The company name GEWI was created by using the first two letters of each of the partner’s family names. GEWI originally designed programmable hardware for global television manufacturers such as Sony and Grundig and in 1993 GEWI produced one of the world’s first RDS-TMC FM receivers for collecting traffic data.

Soon after developing the RDS-TMC receiver it became clear that there was a lack of quality traffic data available for broadcast.  This led GEWI to develop the first generation of the TIC Product to collect, view, create, store and distribute traffic information.

In the last 25 years the TIC Software has evolved to provide many solutions beyond Traffic and Travel Events and the GEWI staff returned to the original office in Rathmansdorf for a BBQ to celebrate this milestone in the company history.  Among the attendees was Holger Kuske who joined the company as the first employee in 1993 and is celebrating his 24th year with GEWI.

GEWI’s main office is in Bernburg, Germany but it was announced that a new office will be opening soon in Leipzig Germany.  GEWI also has offices in the United States, Singapore and the United Kingdom to sell and support the TIC Software which is now used worldwide.

For more information about GEWI history, people and TIC Product, visit

For more information contact:

Jim O’Neill



8th Open Auto Drive Forum Meeting


TISA has been invited to the upcoming Open Autodrive Forum meeting on 13 November 2017 in Tokyo, Japan. Interested TISA Members and external stakeholders concerned with topics related to digital maps and autonomous driving are invited.

This event is free of charge.

Tentative Agenda

1. Welcome and Introduction
2. Keynote Speech
3. Activities/Plans of Standardization Organizations Regarding Autonomous Driving (with presentations, e.g., by ADASIS, NDS, SENSORIS and TISA)
4. Reports from the OADF Task Forces:
– OADF Reference Architecture
– Highly Reliable Maps
5. Breakout Sessions
6. Wrap-up and Final Remarks

Please note that SIP-adus is planning a workshop right after the OADF meeting from November 14. More details can be found on

To register, please click here.

Registration deadline: October 27, 2017

For more information, please visit the Open Auto Drive website.

Continental acquires Singapore based mobility intelligence provider ‘Quantum Inventions’

Quantum Inventions will add to Continental’s growing Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) portfolio with its city data including next generation navigation systems that are highly responsive to real-time information such as traffic data, road incident information and dynamic road pricing. With the closing, Continental will welcome around 120 employees working across Quantum Inventions’ three offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia; and Quantum Inventions Development Centre (QIDC) in India into its fold.

Quantum’s solutions are based on its proprietary state-of-the-art data technology platform which provides connected navigation, traffic and transportation intelligence, high-speed dynamic routing computation algorithms, and real-time probe data processing and analysis. The company has three business lines – Automotive, Telematics and Intelligent Mobility.

For more information on this acquisition, please refer to the attached Press Release or visit our Press Portal.