Maven workshop: Automated vehicles and urban traffic management

The workshop aims:

  • to explore how increasingly instrumented vehicles are likely to behave on city roads and how this may affect the traffic management task and wider transport goals.
  • to provide insight to the role that communication technology can play in the shorter-term of connected transport and the longer-term of automated transport.
  • to promote reflection among local authorities on their role and responsibility as connected, cooperative and automated transport evolves.

Date: 24 October 2018
Location: Greenwich

Workshop is targeted at local authorities and other urban transport stakeholders with an interest in connected, cooperative and automated transport

The workshop is free, and limited seats are available. Registration is required via this link

Workshop agenda here

Travel information

MAVEN ( has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n° 690727.

ITS Terminology 2018

This is the fourth edition of the Nordic ITS Terminology. It is financed and published by three Nordic transport administrations, namely the Finnish Transport Agency (Liikennevirasto), the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen) and the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket). The Danish Road Directorate (Vejdirektoratet) and the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (Vegagerðin) have supported the work by providing national translations.

The terms and definitions are mainly from the road sector but many definitions are generic and multimodal. The basic philosophy behind this Terminology has been to provide definitions for ITS functions or services rather than products or technologies. However, in an effort to make the Terminology more understandable and complete, many generic concepts as well as some technology related terms have been included.

Feedback and contact

Users are invited to give comments and feedback on the Terminology via or send an e-mail to (currently administrated by Arvid Aakre, Traffic Engineering Research Centre , NTNU, Norway). Any questions about use, copyright and formal matters should be sent to (currently administrated by Kristian Appel, Traficon Ltd, Finland).


The dictionary is the joint property of the Nordic Transport and Road Authorities while the copyright is subject to the legislation of IPR of each of the countries. Use of the on-line Terminology and download of the Terminology (PDF files) is free of charge as long as it is for personal use. The publishers welcome cooperation on the utilization of the Terminology. If such a need occurs, please send an e-mail to for further co-operation negotiations. Commercial use, copying, reproduction, embedding, changing or spreading of the Terminology, its content and software is not allowed without permission from the publishers.

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Join TISA in this session on automated & autonomous driving at the ITS World Congress

At the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen, TISA will discuss with the other partner organizations of the Open Auto Drive Forum (OADF) different approaches on 20 September at 11:00 during the Special Interest Session SIS66 (Room London B3 M3-4). If you are working with digital maps, ADAS systems, traffic information, sharing of sensor data in the cloud or automated driving, then SIS66 is the place to be! Bookmark SIS66 on 20.09.2018 at 11:00 in your calendar. Please come also and visit some of the OADF organizations at the TISA stand C1-120.

TISA co-exhibitors activities at ITS World Congress

The 25th ITS World Congress is just around the corner! In less than one weeks, TISA and its Partners will be showcasing their latest developments and products in Copenhagen. Mark your calendars and make sure not to miss these activities from our co-exhibitors at the TISA stand:

  • WDR: Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) will be presenting the new nation-wide ARD TPEG Service for Germany. Broadcasted on DAB+, this service has an excellent coverage and is freely available for any driver. The respective demo can be seen in an exciting car: most recent technology was integrated in a historical Mercedes-Benz 280SL. Highlight: Visitors will not only get detailed info, but even more the picture of a “Traffic Cam” when sitting in the car.
  • GEWI: Visitors to ITS World Congress in Copenhagen will have an opportunity to see live Road Incident Management being performed at the GEWI booth C1-120 at the conference. In addition, GEWI founder Hagen Geppert will be speaking in a session entitled “Making Work Zones Smarter” on 20 September from 09:00-10:30am in the Berlin Room (BW M1-2) at ITS World Congress. The session will address reducing the number of crashes in work zones to improve the quality of life for drivers as well as construction workers. New technologies such as drones, vehicle probe data and work zone equipment instrumentation will be explored as methods to make work zones smarter, and safer. In addition, to Road Incident Management GEWI will be available to demonstrate all of the traffic and travel information solutions available in the TIC Software during ITS World Congress from 17-21 September. To schedule a personal demonstration, contact
  • OpenLR: Geo-Referencing is key for reliable Travel Services. OpenLR was designed to fulfil the most challenging tasks of high resolution Geo-Referencing. During ITS World in Copenhagen, the representatives of OpenLR e.V. (an association based on German law) will be available at the TISA stand. OpenLR e.V. was founded by TISA, TomTom and Elektrobit to offer a platform for license-free implementation and further development of this excellent method.
  • Mediamobile: Today, Mobility is a concern not only for the automotive sector but for a wide range of economical players as well as, in the public domain, for Municipalities, public authorities and citizens. Mediamobile wants to address the challenges of Smart Mobility beyond providing accurate and reliable Traffic information for the drivers, by leveraging on its strengths: diversified sources, huge amount of historical and live data, traffic and map expertise. Mediamobile is now offering a range of adapted solutions for Smart Mobility, Radio and TV broadcasters, website and App developers, Driver Safety warnings and much more.#
  • bmt: From 17 to 21 September, bmt is presenting the actual TPEG portfolio during the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen. As part of the TISA booth (C1-120), bmt will present the “TPEG-LAB by bmt” consisting of all TPEG products in the bmt’s TPEG ecosystem, such as TPEG ON AIR (Playout), TPEG Editor and TPEG Analyser. As an exhibitor, bmt is pleased to offer access to the exhibition free of cost, an offer valid until September 10th. To benefit from free access and schedule an appointment with bmt experts, please send an email to Click here for more information.
  • NNG: a global automotive software supplier, NNG works to provide the best in-vehicle experience for all. The company delivers solutions of exceptional value for hybrid navigation, cyber security, and user experience markets. Primarily known for its iGO Navigation software, much of its work is used in white-label products for major car companies, including Ford, Renault, and Mazda. NNG’s navigation is installed on over 30 million devices worldwide, with 30+ car brands. NNG is represented on all continents (including offices in US, Brazil, Switzerland, Hungary, Israel, China, Japan), ensuring highly localized solutions and aggregation of the best content available on each market.

Come and visits us at TISA booth C1-120. See you in Copenhagen!

TISA I4AD workshop, 4-5 September 2018

TISA members have officially welcomed on board the new I4AD Transition Manager Rob van den Berg.

Rob’s experience dates back to the TPEG/TEC team and he has since then worked for automotive OEMs, suppliers and chipmakers, in the later phase also on AD concepts.

After a brief summary of the past work by Teun Hendriks and Matthias Unbehaun, Rob outlined his thoughts on how to move forward with I4AD, focussing not only on the technology, but also on OEM requirements, marketing opportunities and the planning of further steps to take.

Given the accelerated technological developments for automated driving, TISA Members identified some use cases for the I4AD concept (AD restriction zones, precise road work zones and complex geometries, such as in tollgates). Moving forward, the working groups later identified important future steps to start building a I4AD framework, in alignment with existing thought concepts of TPEG2, the successful standards development best practices of TISA and the ongoing AD activities and projects of OEMs, suppliers and service providers.

In the light of the precious inputs collected during the previous three technical workshops in Brussels, Berlin and Cologne, members decided to undertake the following steps:

  • start performing substantial technical work to assess state-of-the-art dynamic content & traffic information, encoding content and creating a flexible & extensible ontology for dynamic content.
  • initiate working groups to start focusing the work on specifications, toolchains, ground rules, demos and other and hold workshops every 3 months for briefing and ensuring ‘buy-in’ of the entire TISA community.
  • collect a result to present by the end of March 2019 and to push towards an initial specification/demonstrator of at least one first use case by fall 2019.

The I4AD workshop concluded with the definition of the strategic issues which have to be addressed, hence, avoiding contradicting information in multi-connected autonomous vehicles and alignment with other communication protocols and AD frameworks transmission protocols & serialization.