TISA members meet in Hamburg, Germany

The last TISA Committee meetings of 2017 were hosted by the City of Hamburg on 12 and 13 December 2017.

TISA members visited the Smart Port of Hamburg and got the chance to explore the Smart Sounding Table which supports the port management in the planning and monitoring of all logistics in the port of Hamburg, such as ship traffic, trucks or rail. The table even facilitates the disaster management, since it is able to simulate flooding or other catastrophic events.







Phanthian Zuesongdham of City of Hamburg presents the Smart Sounding Table to TISA members


On the same day, Dr Eugen Reiswich, Project Manager R&D, presented the ROADS – Construction Site Coordination Project, another solution developed by Workplace Solutions for the City of Hamburg. The goal of this software is to minimize the interferences and disturbances in traffic flow. The system consists of several types of workplaces. Therefore, a wide range of tasks and processes can be linked with one another in order to simplify roadworks coordination. For more information on ROADS please visit the website.

TISA Executive Director Matthias Unbehaun congratulates the New Products Committee Chair, Andreas Erwig from TomTom.

The meeting was also an opportunity to elect the new Products Committee Chair. Andreas Erwig, VP Business Development and Business Operations at TomTom took over Johanna Tzadinaki Chair.

Microsoft Azure becomes TISA member

TISA has the pleasure of welcoming Microsoft Corporation as its newest member.  Microsoft joining TISA is another example of the company’s support for the automotive and mobile solution markets and solidifies its commitment to industry and TISA standards. This move also coincides with the announcement last month of its new Azure Location Based Services offering, through which Microsoft aims to accommodate standards produced by TISA.

Azure Location Based Services are integrated directly into Azure, enabling enterprise customers to add Location Based Services to their existing Azure cloud solutions with the assurance that it meets Azure’s world- class standards of privacy, compliance, scalability, management and simplicity. These new location capabilities will provide cloud developers with critical geographical data to power a multitude of use cases, including Internet of Things (IoT) asset tracking, fleet management, logistics, automotive, urban planning, retail and more.

For more information, please visit the  Microsoft Azure website.

TISA presented at WorldDAB General Assembly

TISA President Thomas Kusche-Knežević attended the WorldDAB General Assembly in Paris on 7-8 November on behalf of TISA.

At the event, Mr Kusche presented the ARD TPEG Public Service and participated in a panel discussion titled “DAB+ for data: hybrid and connected” together with representatives from IDAG, XPERI, Continental Automotive, R+, and Mediamobile. The panellists agreed TPEG to be a significant service for an even more successful development of DAB+ in-car.

The WorldDAB General Assembly 2017 brought together more than 250 experts from across the industry to discuss the digital future of radio, DAB+ rollouts around the world and a European vision for digital radio.

This event takes place every year to facilitate the discussion around the rollout of DAB digital radio, in a situation when receiver prices continue to fall, car manufacturers need to fit DAB as standard, the DSO process moves forward and politicians need to work towards an increased collaboration at the European level.


Photo credit: Xavier Granet

8th Open Auto Drive Forum Meeting

The Open Auto Drive Forum is organising its 8th meeting in Tokyo, Japan on 13 November 2017.

TISA has been invited to the upcoming Open Autodrive Forum meeting taking place on 13 November 2017 in Tokyo, Japan. TISA Executive Director, Matthias Unbehaun is attending the meeting and will present “Progress towards TPEG3 for automated driving”.

Interested TISA Members and external stakeholders concerned with topics related to digital maps and autonomous driving are invited. For more information on the agenda, registration and venue please click here.

This event is free of charge.

TISA takes part in the ITS World Congress 2017 in Montreal, Canada

As previous years, TISA didn’t miss this year’s ITS World Congress edition which took place from 29 October to 2 November 2017 in Montreal, Canada with the theme “New Generation Integrated Mobility: Driving Smart Cities”.

Andras Csepinszky, Director of Advance Automotive Technology, NNG, Hungary, represented TISA during the 24th ITS World Congress. Andras spoke in a session tackling the “Challenges on Data Necessary to Serve Automated Driving” about the role of traffic information in the automated driving ecosystem”

The session covered the whole data chain (digital map, sensors, traffic information, traffic management information, etc.) that will enable automated driving with a focus on the interaction between vehicle data and data clouds leading to higher data quality and consistency offered by this sharing process.


Full description of the session – SIS107 – Challenges on Data Necessary to Serve Automated Driving

Many initiatives/groups in the world are rapidly developing automated vehicle technologies involving data from different sources (digital map, sensors, traffic information, traffic management information, etc.), but there is a need for coherency and for a careful look at the whole data chain that will enable automated driving. This session will present an overview of the different elements of this data chain, with a focus on the interaction between vehicle data and data clouds leading to higher data quality and consistency offered by this sharing process. The challenge of having the right data necessary for automated driving, its consistency, and the way forward will be discussed by international world-wide experts.