TISA at CAICV Congress & Exhibition in Shanghai

TISA and the Open Auto Drive Forum (OADF) were invited to present work in progress on automated driving, HD maps and traffic info at the CAICV Congress & Exhibition in Shanghai, organized by SAE China. TISA member Navinfo played an important role in facilitating the invitation and arranging the congress participation. The session, where Matthias Unbehaun (TISA Executive Director and OADF Speaker) presented, was well attended with about 60 participants. A number of questions were raised during the Q&A session, for example concerning the quality and reliability of traffic and map data.

The collocated exhibition provided ample opportunities for networking and discussions with navigation technology providers, mapping companies as well as service and technology providers in the Chinese ITS arena. One of the highlights of the Congress & Exhibition was a live interoperability demo with C-ITS services next to the congress venue. The event had a strong regional Asian focus and was therefore an excellent opportunity to increase the awareness of the mainly Chinese and Asian participants about the work done by TISA and the OADF in the areas of maps, traffic information and automated driving.

TISA presented in Japan at SIP ADUS Workshop

On 13 November, Tokyo hosted the SIP ADUS Workshop, where TISA’s BAWG chair & OADF LMDC TF leader Andras Csepinszky discussed important topics for the traveller information association, proposing different solutions in the framework of TISA and other innovation platforms. Important points of discussion were the TF Architecture and Reference ecosystem with reference to automated driving, as the roles of different components of a car, as well as the dependencies and interaction of the vehicle with the environment, are changing.


TISA’s proposed solution was presented as a commonly agreed ecosystem developed, maintained and updated by the OADF member organizations. Live Map Delivery Chain TF and Location Referencing were also discussed, as well as Live Map Delivery Chain TF Lane ID harmonization & compatibility. In this second case, Mr. Csepinszky brought forward TISA’s solution against lack of consistence between lane definition, numbering and models with standards. TISA’s solution in this case is to eliminate inconsistencies between TEC, TFP & VLI, and numbering and mapping to an NDS map the lane definition, considering the SPaT-MAP of SAE J2735 model and adopting the ADASIS and NDS lane group concept.

The presentation continued with Map Backend Integrity and Highly Reliable Maps TF Map Quality Attributes, ending with TISA AD related activities concerning road restrictions and precise road work and complex geometries.

TISA welcomes two new members

TISA is glad to welcome two new members this month: EnGIS Technologies Inc. and Kuandeng.

EnGIS Technologies, Inc. (KOSDAQ: 208860) is a leading software development company that develops connected navigation software, e-horizon software, and Over-The-Air (OTA) software solutions for the automotive industry. EnGIS innovative and ground-breaking software solutions enable automotive OEMs to deploy products that radically improve the driving experience. EnGIS software is licensed for millions of in-vehicle systems in over 90 countries, supplying some of the world’s largest automotive OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers. Founded in 1998, EnGIS is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea with offices in Europe and North America.

To learn more about EnGIS Technologies, please visit www.engistech.com

Kuandeng is a new Chinese startup working on HD maps, and real time traffic is very important for HD live data. KuanDeng Technology is committed to develop a wide range of applications for autonomous driving through the intelligent crowdsourcing of High-Definition map. Core technologies include deep learning, image recognition, 3D vision, robotics, map construction, and big data cloud services based on it. The company was founded by Liu Jun, former vice president of Baidu and head of LBS business unit. The core technical team came with various background like artificial intelligence, big data and map. The company has completed several hundred million financing led by IDG Capital so far.

To learn more about EnGIS Technologies, please visit http://www.kuandeng.com/html/1/index.html

TISA presented at ITS Forum 2018 in Utrecht

The ITS Forum was a 2-day event organised by the EU EIP Platform on 14 and 15 November, with this edition focusing on Traffic management in a changing world hosted in Utrech, the Netherlands. The event attracted almost 200 participants from all over Europe and was attended by important stakeholders of the traffic management sector and by key policy players, such as the Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, Mrs Cora van Nieuwenhuizen and Mr Matthew Baldwin, Deputy Director General for Mobility and Transport, DG MOVE, European Commission.

As an organisation which scope is to provide traffic and travel information services and products worldwide, TISA was present at the event and was represented by TISA Coordinator Stephanie Chaufton and ERTICO’s Director of Innovation and Deployment, Dr. Johanna Tzanidaki.

Stephanie Chaufton contributed to a session called “Best Practices in Traffic Information Services”, which gathered road operators, traffic managers, service providers.

The session provided an update on the expectations of the European Commission with an overview of delegated regulations and their impact on ITS deployment and Ms. Chaufton presented TISA’s work as project partner in a presentation called “TISA – link to the end user in the traffic information value chain”.

TISA acts as a moderator in finding consensus among all stakeholders when it comes to aligning unambiguous interpretation of traffic information, therefore, the presentation focused on TISA’s priority actions, the quality of traffic information and use cases under development.

TISA’s joint effort and task force were presented, in particular the joint work with DATEX and Amsterdam Group to define a list of categories of safety related traffic information (e.g.  temporary slippery road, animal/people/obstacles/debris on the road, etc.) and with the EU-EIP to help stakeholders agree on a harmonised approach with a Uniform Declaration of Compliance Form.

TISA’s joint effort with the EU-EIP was also important to bring stakeholders together to recognise and agree on the need for a harmonised approach with the Compliance Form, which aims at facilitating a common understanding of cross-border traffic data in different EU Member States.

In its evolution, the latest outcome of the Compliance Form is a distinction between road operators, authorities, digital maps producers and service providers, together with explanatory terms to facilitate common understanding among Member States.

Dr. Johanna Tzanidaki from ERTICO – ITS Europe participated as speaker on behalf of TISA at the closing panel session of this event, where key stakeholders shared their thoughts and results of the event.

Being part of an event gathering Europe’s most important players in the traffic management sector proves TISA’s consolidated role in the sector.

TISA takes part at the 25th ITS World Conference

The ITS World Congress is the most important international event for Intelligent Transport Systems, gathering prestigious autonomotive and telecomunications companies, mobility experts, policy makers and service providers around the world.

This year, the Congress was hosted in Copenhagen, Denmark, and TISA was present with its Members to showcase and share with over 10,000 visitors from more than 100 countries its latest findings and technologies.

Starting with a special interest session on “A new Cooperation Approach for an Automated Driving Ecosystem”, TISA‘s Executive Director Matthias Unbehaun represented TISA at the Open Auto Drive Forum (OADF), where TISA is one of the founding organisations together with NDS, ADASIS, and SENSORIS. Rather than dwelling on technical details, the session focused on how the OADF provides a horizontal interlinkage between the participating organisations.


In the past, critical topics had been identified by OADF task forces, which were then delegated for resolution into the corresponding organisations. Examples are the embedding of NDS locations in TPEG streams or the ongoing harmonization of lane-level enumerations between all four organizations.

An important contribution on the dynamic map activities in Japan came also from the SIP-adus project, which has joined the OADF, represented by Prof. Satoru Nakajo.

Moderated by Valerie Shuman, VP Industry Programs of the Connected Vehicle Trade Association and Principal of Shuman Group LLC, the SIS quickly turned into a lively discussion between the panelists and the audience, circling around the following questions:

  • How do we develop standards in the AD realm?
  • Which standards are required?
  • How to facilitate the adoption of such standards?

Among the panelists were Martin Schleicher, Elektrobit and Chairman of the NDS Association, Prof. Satoru Nakajo from the University of Tokyo representing the SIP-adus project, Prokop Jehlicka, HERE and Chairman of SENSORIS, Jean-Charles Pandazis, ERTICO ITS Europe’s Coordinator for SENSORIS and ADASIS and Matthias Unbehaun, TISA Executive Director and OADF Speaker.

Besides organizing such a successful special interest session at the conference, OADF members were also collocated at the TISA stand in the exhibition hall. ADASIS, SENSORIS and the NDS Association used the opportunity to present work progress and make contacts with new prospective members of their organizations.

The 25th ITS World Congress concluded successfully for TISA and its Members, who appreciated the benefits of attending this international event.


„It is a great opportunity to be here together with TISA in Copenhagen”, said Martin Schleichber from Elektrobit. „I am here representing the NDS association, which has established the OADF together with ADASIS, SENSORIS and TISA and which purpose is to establish a platform that fosters the interaction between several standards that are dealing with maps and location, especially for autonomous driving“.

Jim O’neill from GEWI also expressed his satisfaction for the positive outcome of this Congress. „GEWI is all about traffic, creating products to provide the most accurate traffic information, so the TISA membership aligns quite well and TISA offers a good opportunity to deal with all the people working in the same field and dealing with protocols such as TPEG.”

Danny Woolard from GEWI also commented on this experience by saying that „The industry recognises TISA as a body that helps organizations looking after standards and this attracts a lot of people, so I think that just being here helps us meet and attract a larger audience“.