Site visits to FETC and M5 Control Center

March 23, 2017


Taiwan has a fully-automated toll collection system using electronic tags for drive-through payment of road tolls. The system is operated by the company FETC and participants of the TISA Committee Meetings were invited to visit the FETC headquarters, where the companies CEO Y.C. Chang shared interesting insights in the history of development of the automated toll collection system in Taiwan as well as future plans of FETC towards a connected society and MaaS services.

FETC visit 2

M5 visitFurther, the group visited the Traffic Control Center of the M5 highway corridor between Taipei and Yilan, which features a 13km long tunnel. Various ITS systems are in place for monitoring and managing the traffic, which exhibits specific rush-hour phenomena. The lack of alternative routes is an additional challenge for the
overall traffic planning. The visit, which included a presentation by the Chief of Station, stimulated fruitful discussions with TISA members on how to further optimize the traffic flow and how the Taiwanese Highway Agency could share their experiences with other countries that face similar traffic problems.