TISA – 2nd Workshop on Automated Driving & TPEG3

March 22, 2018

The 2nd workshop on TPEG3 for Automated Driving (AD) was organised by TISA in Berlin on 19 March.

After a recap of results from the previous workshop, two topic presentations set the scene for the group work planned later in the afternoon:

  • Atonomos’ CEO Tinosch Ganjineh (part of TomTom) shared valuable insights in the implementation and testing of AD in various environments, such as Berlin, the USA, or Mexico. Atonomos is a spin-off from the University of Berlin and its experience dates back to the first DARPA challenge, where the team successfully participated.
  • A model of human reasoning and behaviour-control based on skills, rules and knowledge was introduced to TISA by Johannes Springer of T-Systems, who already presented the keynote for the 2017 General Assembly.

Following the 2 presentations, participants split in 4 groups to discuss the following topics:

  1. Modality dimensions (long- vs. short-range traffic data, movement patterns, control of traffic flow and the value chain.
  2. Use cases (e.g. how to negotiate a toll plaza with an AD vehicle, country-specific driving restrictions, or sensor data validation using traffic information)
  3. Ontology dimensions for structuring information
  4. Data types & encoding, touching e.g. on JSON or Protocol buffers

A follow-up workshop is planned collocated with the TISA General Assembly in June in Cologne, hosted by WDR.