TISA at CAICV Congress & Exhibition in Shanghai

November 23, 2018

TISA and the Open Auto Drive Forum (OADF) were invited to present work in progress on automated driving, HD maps and traffic info at the CAICV Congress & Exhibition in Shanghai, organized by SAE China. TISA member Navinfo played an important role in facilitating the invitation and arranging the congress participation. The session, where Matthias Unbehaun (TISA Executive Director and OADF Speaker) presented, was well attended with about 60 participants. A number of questions were raised during the Q&A session, for example concerning the quality and reliability of traffic and map data.

The collocated exhibition provided ample opportunities for networking and discussions with navigation technology providers, mapping companies as well as service and technology providers in the Chinese ITS arena. One of the highlights of the Congress & Exhibition was a live interoperability demo with C-ITS services next to the congress venue. The event had a strong regional Asian focus and was therefore an excellent opportunity to increase the awareness of the mainly Chinese and Asian participants about the work done by TISA and the OADF in the areas of maps, traffic information and automated driving.