TISA Committee Meetings 12-13 September 2017

September 18, 2017

The TISA Committee meetings of September 12-13th, 2017, began with a session of the TISA Content and Service Provision Committee. Thomas Kusche-Knežević, Senior Editor WDR, began the proceedings with a presentation on the “Situation of TPEG Services in Germany via DAB+” (see news item), followed by Guido Di Pasquale, Senior Manager Research and Innovation, UITP: “Digitalisation : a revolutionary impact on Public Transport“.

The next session involved the TISA Technical and Standardisation Committee, which saw Pieter Pauwels of Be-Mobile elected as co-chair, along with presentations by BBK Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance, Germany (BBK) on the use of  the CAP protocol and the possible application of  TPEG2 Emergency Alert and Warning (EAW).

After the lunch break, proceedings got back underway with the TISA BAWG. Alessandro Taddei also presented on TPEG3 for highly automated driving.

The final session of the day focused on Public Authorities, where the cooperation between public authorities delivering traffic data and service providers distributing traffic services was reviewed, as well as future topics for the Public Authorities Group.

The next day saw discussions of the Products Committee, with a presentation by Luc Jansseune, Senior Manager, ERTICO, on the “EATA Alliance”, followed by a workshop on a potential future TPEG3 version.

The next committee meetings will be held on 12-13  December, 2017, and be hosted by the City of Hamburg and Neusoft Technologies. For other future events, please refer to the TISA website events page.