TISA I4AD workshop, 4-5 September 2018

September 12, 2018

TISA members have officially welcomed on board the new I4AD Transition Manager Rob van den Berg.

Rob’s experience dates back to the mobile.info TPEG/TEC team and he has since then worked for automotive OEMs, suppliers and chipmakers, in the later phase also on AD concepts.

After a brief summary of the past work by Teun Hendriks and Matthias Unbehaun, Rob outlined his thoughts on how to move forward with I4AD, focussing not only on the technology, but also on OEM requirements, marketing opportunities and the planning of further steps to take.

Given the accelerated technological developments for automated driving, TISA Members identified some use cases for the I4AD concept (AD restriction zones, precise road work zones and complex geometries, such as in tollgates). Moving forward, the working groups later identified important future steps to start building a I4AD framework, in alignment with existing thought concepts of TPEG2, the successful standards development best practices of TISA and the ongoing AD activities and projects of OEMs, suppliers and service providers.

In the light of the precious inputs collected during the previous three technical workshops in Brussels, Berlin and Cologne, members decided to undertake the following steps:

  • start performing substantial technical work to assess state-of-the-art dynamic content & traffic information, encoding content and creating a flexible & extensible ontology for dynamic content.
  • initiate working groups to start focusing the work on specifications, toolchains, ground rules, demos and other and hold workshops every 3 months for briefing and ensuring ‘buy-in’ of the entire TISA community.
  • collect a result to present by the end of March 2019 and to push towards an initial specification/demonstrator of at least one first use case by fall 2019.

The I4AD workshop concluded with the definition of the strategic issues which have to be addressed, hence, avoiding contradicting information in multi-connected autonomous vehicles and alignment with other communication protocols and AD frameworks transmission protocols & serialization.