A message from TISA President Thomas Kusche-Knežević

June 4, 2020

Dear TISA members,

For all of us, 2020 has dramatically changed the culture of working and business. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have had to say goodbye to the practiced cooperation models completely unprepared. This was an incredible challenge for the whole economy – and even more for any individual.

I am more than grateful that obviously none of you have been harmed by the terrible COVID-19 disease and that the entire TISA community has so far survived the pandemic in good health.

Because we have to comply with legal requirements, TISA was forced to find alternatives to the mandatory general assembly – a face-to-face session in Brussels (or elsewhere) was out of the question simply because of travel restrictions. Thus Executive Office and Steering Board decided to organize the GA of 2020 as a virtual meeting. This format fulfils the requirements of Belgian law sufficiently.

TISA would not be TISA if the initial reactions from members had not been particularly understanding – I thank you expressly for this. It even seems to be an advantage that the participation of members from all continents has been made much easier with that online meeting.

So this is my big request today: register for the General Assembly, take part in the secure vote and show in this way that the TISA community is strong and able to act even in difficult situations.

The general conditions will not change for an uncertain time. However, TISA is committed to continue serving its members with the highest quality. The OADF will also host their next event online too. I hope you will participate in designing the future of I4AD!

I am really looking forward to meet you online! Stay safe!

Thomas Kusche-Knežević
TISA President