Alessandro Taddei: “The ITS world is dramatically changing and this opens the door to a host of challenges and opportunities for TISA”

February 3, 2016

Untitled2Alessandro Taddei is the new Content & Service Provision Committee chair. He works at Infoblu since 2001 and is Platform Manager since 2010. In this position he leads the internal technical development deptament. He also worked for the mother company (Autostrade, a motorway operator) as ICT manager.

“I joined TISA four years ago. At the time it would have been hard to imagine that I would become a chair of one of the committees. When Jacques Naves (Michelin Travel Partner) announced he would step out, I was encouraged to apply for the position. This way, a completely different phase started for me.

I must say I really appreciate the work done by Jacques Naves and I hope I will be able to be at the height of this endeavour. These are exciting times to take up such position. The ITS world is dramatically changing. In the past, it was seen as a very technical field that would only catch the interests of expert. Nowadays, everyone is talking about autonomous driving, cooperative systems and a whole new range of technologies that will shake the foundations of the whole transport sector. This opens the door to a host of challenges and opportunities for TISA.

During the last Committees Meeting in Budapest Matthias Unbehaun (TISA Executive Director) and Andreas Schmid (Swarco) presented a number of challenges for TISA. This came as a proof that different people had the same things in mind. With all of us rowing in the same direction, I cannot but expect the best for the TISA project in the coming years.”