An overview of three generations of TTI technology, including TPEG

February 3, 2021

The IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) in the UK has just published a new book “Collection and Delivery of Traffic and Travel Information” (ISBN 978-1-78561-772-0), in which TISA, RDS and TPEG have been given very extensive coverage.

The book provides coverage of the following topics, written by a range of experts in their respective fields: road traffic data collection; road traffic news from the air; location referencing; digital coding, collation and exchange of traffic information; European developments in traffic and travel information; the role of the commercial sector in developing road traffic information in the UK and Europe; dynamic road traffic signage; smart motorway information development; contribution of cooperative ITS to road traffic and travel information; multi modal traffic and travel information; social media and traffic and travel information; social media services and business models; and finally traffic and travel information into the future.

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