András Csepinszky: new role, new opportunity

February 3, 2016

Andras_8820_lr - CopyAndrás Csepinszky is the new chair of the TISA’s Business Analysis Working Group. He works as Project Management Office lead at NNG, in Hungary. Previously, András worked as Project Manager at ERTICO ITS-Europe and as Partnership Manager, External Affairs and Standardisation Manager at Ygomi Europe Kft.

“I am the new chair of TISA’s Business Analysis Working Group (BAWG) supported by NNG. Between 2009 and 2014 I was actively contributing to the work of TISA EO as standardisation expert while working at ERTICO-ITS Europe. During these years I built up fruitful relationship with TISA members working in the various working groups.

I tried to consider the ITS arena as a whole and put TISA and its interests in a holistic way understanding the needs of both and initiate synchronization between the different stakeholders and technologies.

I have learnt a lot from many TISA people such as Bev Marks, James Burgess about the organisation. The most important lesson was that traveller information technology cannot be a stand-alone solution while intelligent transport technologies are moving forward extremely quickly.
New we are facing challenges of multimodal travel and autonomous driving both having huge impact on TISA members’ core business. In order to take appropriate decisions TISA will need to build a business roadmap considering these emerging needs. I am well motivated to manage this process and provide TISA with its result.

As a former business analyst and project manager I am more than happy to take this challenge and I will rely on the experience of our excellent colleague, the previous chair of the BAWG, M. Jacques Naves who kindly offered his support until I become familiar with the task and of course all actual BAWG members in order to make TISA and its results to key success factor in the ITS industry.”