BBK presents a new road safety specification

April 8, 2020

BBK (Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance), in collaboration with TISA, has presented a universally applicable specification for issuing warning messages on navigation devices: “TPEG2-EAW (Emergency Alerts and Warnings)”.

So far, road users have not been able to receive warning messages other than traffic reports, a condition which lead to the search of new, alternative solutions. Consequently, as part of the German federal-state project “Warning of the population”, a new specification was developed in collaboration with TISA and Mecom: TPEG2-EAW (Emergency Alerts and Warnings).

TPEG EAW sends adapted alert messages to media devices, such as phones, satellites, the internet and TPEG EAW navigation devices, warning drivers in real time and ensuring compatibility with both map-based and map-less devices, so that messages are understandable also for non-native speakers/residents and visitors from foreign countries, making TPEG EAW a universally applicable warning application for domestic and international travellers.

The specification now published by TISA will be tested in a field trial as part of the ISF project Warning to the Population over the next two years. At the same time, the TPEG2- EAW user specification is updated and best practices are compiled in a policy document.


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