December Committee Meetings wrap up a successful 2019

December 16, 2019

TISA Members gathered in Brussels for the last Committee Meetings of 2019, which served as a round-up of the year’s activities and planning for 2020.

Highlight of the meetings was the follow-up on TISA’s business and technical white papers related to automated driving, which were presented to TISA Members after a membership review and subsequent updating by the I4AD Task Force.

The Business Whitepaper  discusses the business environment, opportunities and challenges for TISA and its membership, then guiding towards a conceptual framework for future TPEG standards that are geared towards supporting automated driving vehicles.

The Technical Whitepaper then continues from the Business Whitepaper and discusses solutions that will solve some relevant issues in the context of automated driving. The paper starts with describing some use cases and ‘TPEG3 as a product’ in terms of functional and non-functional/business requirements and, after discussing some basic ideas and concepts that address these requirements, ends with a set of solutions.

The committee meetings gave the opportunity not only to discuss these two white papers; TISA Members also focused on Executive Office matters, TISA’s PR activities for 2020, reportes from TISA’s Products Committee, the Content & Service Provision Committee and the Business Application Working Group, which discussed different Use Case Proposals.

Meetings continued with the TISA Technical & Standardisation Committee meeting, which discussed the LTRT status report, the TAWG status report and the ISO Liaison report, concluding with a presentation on Infrastructure Support Classification for Automated Mobility.

Last but not least, the two-day meetings concluded with the progress reporting of I4AD (Information for Automated Driving) TF and a relaunch of the ITS Standards TF.

The next Committee Meetings and BAWG will take place from 17 to 18 March 2020 at AWTCE – Aisin Group in Braine l’Alleud, Belgium.