Georg Obert given first ever TISA Achievement Award 2011

June 17, 2011

Lyon, 10/6/2011, TISA (Transport Information Services Association) is pleased to announce the first ever recipient of the TISA Achievement Award, Georg Obert, BMW AG Traffic Technology and Traffic Management.

As 2011 marks the inauguration of the TISA Achievement award, the TISA Steering Board and the TISA Awards Committee determined that it should be given, not just for contributions over the last 12 months, but for contributions to TISA since its founding three years ago. As described by Bev Marks, Executive Director of TISA, “the Award recognises a consistent achievement and support of TISA activities throughout our existence.” Candidates were judged on criteria such as the ideas contributed, document preparation work and meeting attendance among other, more general aspects of TISAs work.

Georg Obert was unanimously chosen by the Awards Committee in recognition of his diligent work in contributing to building TISA into the significant trade association it is today.

Described by Jonathan Burr, TISA President, as “the personality for TISA TMC [Traffic Message Channel]” and its “driving force”, Georg has been an expert in TMC for 15 years. He is integral to the TISA organisation in its relationships with a wide range of service providers. He also has detailed technical knowledge and is responsible for the first TPEGTM (Transport Protocol Experts Group) business model.

The TISA Awards Committee (TAC) will give more awards in the future to recognise outstanding achievement. Specifically, they will be looking at awards geared towards recognising technology education that spreads the TISA message to a younger generation.

“The TAC firmly believes that the 2011 recipient of the TISA Award completely deserves recognition – especially for early leadership which led to TISAs formation and for diligence in ensuring that TISA has become a significant trade association, that is now clearly seen as of worldwide importance. The Award recognises a consistent achievement and support of TISA activities throughout our existence.” – Bev Marks, Executive Director, TISA