GEWI improves safety with Real-Time Work Zone Information

September 29, 2020

TISA Member GEWI has partnered with iCone Products to help travelers avoid and safely navigate road work projects by providing accurate and real-time travel information, which can be delivered directly to navigation devices through apps and in-car navigation systems.​

Using the cloud-based, real-time data from iCone’s ConnectedTech™ devices, GEWI’s TIC Software further enables road agencies and their work zone contractors to manage information about the location and status of work zone assets, this data can in turn can be used to create Traffic and Travel Events which can be distributed to in-vehicle navigation systems, connected apps, and the web.

This data can further be used by transportation agencies to monitor and manage the progress of the work zone to maximize the safety of its work crews. GEWI’s TIC for Work Zone product feature provides a solution to support work zone planning and management throughout the entire life of the project including creating permits, real-time operations, and incident and accident management.

Source: GEWI