BEST Consortium on Traffic and Travel Information services launched

Getting in touch with Public Service Broadcasters in the German-speaking area is easier than ever: ARD
(Germany), ORF (Austria) and SRG SSR (Switzerland) have established the BEST Consortium (Broadcasters
European Solution for Travel Information).

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Georg Obert given first ever TISA Achievement Award 2011

Lyon, 10/6/2011, TISA (Transport Information Services Association) is pleased to announce the first ever recipient of the TISA Achievement Award, Georg Obert, BMW AG Traffic Technology and Traffic Management.

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TISA and EasyWay sign MoU at the European ITS Congress

8 June 2011. TISA President Jonathon Burr and EasyWay Chairman Ronald Adams today signed a Memorandum of Understanding covering the cooperation between EasyWay ESG5 and TISA to work on the interface between DATEX II and TPEGTM. The MoU allows close cooperation of experts who are developing data transitions between the two protocols, with the aim of providing end-to-end value chain connectivity. The first deliverable will be a slim profile covering critical road safety messages, by the end of the year.

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TISA stand D101 @ ITS Congress 6-9 June 2011 in Lyon wrong

TISA and EasyWay ESG5 cooperate to deliver coherent Traffic Information from content provider to the end-user

For the ITS Congress Exhibition (6-9 June 2011) EasyWay ESG5 and TISA have collaborated on a common demonstrator showing a full end-to-end information delivery chain, starting from an original content provider (e.g. a traffic management system) generating DATEX II messages down to the final display to the motorists in end user devices. This is made possible through a DATEX II-to-TPEGTMconversion that will hand-over TPEGTM messages to TPEGTM services. These messages will then be delivered to the End-User devices via various delivery channels: Digital Radio, Internet and Wi-Fi.

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NAVTEQ Announces Real-Time Traffic for Russia

Nearly 19,000 kilometers of roadway coverage now available in three of Russia’s largest cities.

More information available in NAVTEQ Press-release