Not always business as usual: TISA September Committee Meetings feature cyclists’ safety, automated driving, on-site demonstrations and more!

September 26, 2019

TISA Members gathered on 17 and 18 September in Berlin, Germany, for the Committee Meetings. Hosted by HERE Technologies, the first day’s agenda was full of discussions and presentations. After a warm welcome by Severin Bredahl-Banovic, Head of BSA EMEA, HERE Technologies, the Committee Meetings kicked off with the TISA Content & Service Provision Committee to review the open UCPs and follow up from the report of different working groups.

The second item on the agenda was the report from the Technical and Standardisation Committee’s concluding with the first Committee presentation.

TISA Members welcomed Sean Connolly, CEO of Noroc, a US-based company that has developed an App focused of cyclists’ safety on roads. Sean Connolly presented Noroc’s new ephemeral Proximity as a Service (ePaaS), which connects Garmin’s Edge bike computers to HERE’s Open Location Platform and connected vehicles to save lives on the road by sharing proximity without privacy concerns.

From cyclists’ safety to automation, TISA Members continued the discussion shifting the focus to matters related to Automated Driving with the I4AD progress report. Highlight of this topic was the sneak preview of two demonstrations that will be replicated at the ITS World Congress in Singapore: one demonstration of the ADASIS Electronic Horizon, and the second demonstration of on-site autonomous driving use cases in Sumo.

The following day continued with the Business Analysis Working Group and a presentation by Anton Fitzthum from XEBRIS Solutions GmbH.

Mr. Fitzhum provided participants with an overview on Xebris’ way of enabling an optimized handling of traffic and incident data and presented FLOW, a product suite for data exchange and broadcasting.


TISA Products Committee Chair elected

The Committee Meetings were not only an occasion to meet and discuss business and strategic aspects of TISA, but also to reward Members for their service and work carried out in the Membership. In this regard, Stephanie Leonard from TomTom was elected Chair of the TISA Products Committee.

Berlin meetings concluded with an insight into Hungary’s National Access Point management, presented by Máté Verdes, Head of ITS Department, Hungarian Public Roads, and the EU-EIP Quality workshop, aimed at exploring the ongoing work of EU EIP, exchanging ideas on on quality issues in the TISA community and defining the synergies and future work for EU EIP and TISA.

All the presentations are available on TISA’s confluence page.