TISA I4 AD Business and Technical White Papers are now publicly available

January 15, 2020

With the advent of automated vehicles, the role of the driver will be changing, as well as her or his need for information. The change will also impact the vehicle itself, with regards to the information needed: as the vehicle will be controlling its own trajectory, it will need the information to do this safely.

TISA Members have therefore been working on two documents which discuss the impact of automated driving on traffic from a business and technical perspectives.

As of today, two White Papers are publicly available. The business White Paper discusses the impact that automated vehicles have on traffic and traveller information (TPEG in specific) from a business perspective, while the technical White Paper discusses technical solutions that will solve some relevant technical and business issues in context with automated driving, taking into account that not all vehicles are automated.

TISA Chair of the Content & Service Provision Committee András Csepinszky will present the I4A papers at the CCAM platform on 24 January, at the WG3.

To access and download the two White Papers, please click on the links below:

Download the I4AD Business White Paper

Download the I4AD Technical White Paper

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