TISA member Be-Mobile launch BE-TMC-Pro services in Turkey and Portugal

March 24, 2011

TISA member Be-Mobile is proud to announce the commercial launch of its BE-TMC-Pro services in Turkey and Portugal.

The first navigation systems with the Be-Mobile TMC service in Turkey and Portugal will be sold on the market in the coming weeks.

This is an important milestone in the international expansion of Be-Mobile, that is already providing its BE-TMC-Pro service in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg .
The BE-TMC-Pro service is based on the award-winning Be-Mobile SmartMove traffic platform. This platform incorporates sensor data from governments, data from jambusters (operated in collaboration with the Be-Mobile local partners), as well as travel times from vehicles, into the most accurate and fast traffic updates. The road coverage for the BE-TMC-Pro service is the highest in its category in both Turkey and Portugal.

For more information, please contact Be-Mobile at international@be-mobile.be or visit the website at www.be-mobile.be