TISA prepares for the ITS World Congress at the latest Committee Meetings and General Assembly

June 23, 2021

On 8 and 9 June 2021, TISA Members gathered virtually for the annual General Assembly and Committee Meetings. Following an opening speech by TISA President Thomas Kusche-Knežević, the Report from the Executive Office and matters requiring the General Assembly, Members were addressed by Deutsche Bahn’s Ingo Ritter and Realis’ Luka Krevs.

In the TISA Committee Meetings and the General Assembly, which were carried out as online meetings, but hopefully will continue soon as on-site meetings in Brussels again, Members of the Traveller Information Services Association discussed important current matters and benefitted from three presentations, both internal and external to TISA.

Starting with Deutsche Bahn’s presentation on its positive experience with TPEG2-PTS, a presentation on TPEG2-EAW (Emergency Alert Warnings) followed. “Soon in August, the field trial on TPEG2-EAW will come to a conclusion, to ultimately be standardised at ISO”, said Teun Hendriks, TISA. “For the moment, work on TPEG2-EAW is mostly carried out in Germany, but our goal is to provide this service all over Europe and overseas. For this reason, we look forward presenting the results of TISA’s evaluation at the upcoming ITS World Congress this October”, he concluded.

Last but not least, Realis, a leading ITS & GIS provider, presented its range of geographic information system and location based services, which are currently used in various European-funded projects, cross-country collaborations, European Access Point for Truck Parking Data Exchange and more.

After two days of fruitful meetings, TISA Members are now preparing for the upcoming ITS World Congress, which will be the first international ITS event to be held in presence. Find out about TISA’s activities in Hamburg at this link, and don’t forget to subscribe to TISA’s newsletter to receive all the latest updates!

All presentations are available on TISA confluence.