TISA stand D101 @ ITS Congress 6-9 June 2011 in Lyon wrong

June 6, 2011

TISA and EasyWay ESG5 cooperate to deliver coherent Traffic Information from content provider to the end-user

For the ITS Congress Exhibition (6-9 June 2011) EasyWay ESG5 and TISA have collaborated on a common demonstrator showing a full end-to-end information delivery chain, starting from an original content provider (e.g. a traffic management system) generating DATEX II messages down to the final display to the motorists in end user devices. This is made possible through a DATEX II-to-TPEGTMconversion that will hand-over TPEGTM messages to TPEGTM services. These messages will then be delivered to the End-User devices via various delivery channels: Digital Radio, Internet and Wi-Fi.

The collaboration, to date, has focused on demonstrating, through a very limited set of messages – in this case safety messages –, the essential interfaces and inter-connect parameters required. Ongoing message set “mapping” evaluations, used to register further rules, will proceed until year end 2011. It is foreseen that future projects would have to develop the relatively large message sets and translations for widespread deployment.

The TISA-Easyway ESG5 demonstrator will be visible during the ITS European Congress held in Lyon between 6 and 9 June 2011 (stand D101).

TISA partners participating: PTV, TDF, Continental, IRT, Amaryllo, Fraunhoffer First.

More information regarding the demonstration set-up is available on the TISA website.

TISA members present at the stand


Announces Service to Test TPEGTM Navigation Systems. “GEWI has a long history in providing testing for RDS-TMC navigation devices. Now, this important data quality testing is available for TPEGTM as well”.

Read the full Press Release


a TDF group company, is a leading provider of real-time traffic information and dynamic content, offering a wide range of services adapted to the transport industry, to major car and navigation device manufacturers, telecom operators, the media, as well as the general public. Mediamobile’s traffic services are marketed under the brand name V-Trafic.

Mediamobile today has the most advanced technical experience in implementation of TPEGTM Road Traffic broadcast services for Digital Radio. At ITS Lyon the company has set up a unique and completely functional live Digital Radio demo. On a user terminal, similar to what can be found in future connected cars, the company will demo several Road Traffic Applications including TEC, TFP and PKI.


presents TPEGTM product portfolio at European ITS Congress Lyon 2011

In cooperation with TISA bmt presents their TPEGTM product portfolio at the TISA booth:

– TPEGTM ON AIR (playout system)
– TPEGTM Analyser

Focus of the bmt product range is the processing and transmission of standard-compliant TPEGTM data through different distribution channels (such as digital broadcast, internet and mobile communications) as well as the analysis and visualisation of TPEGTM data.

TPEGTM ON AIR – The Solution for Generating and Transmitting TPEGTM Services –
enables simple creation of TPEGTM services. Various inbound information can be converted, multiplexed and played out to different networks

The TPEGTM Analyser offers graphical presentation and analysis of several TPEGTM data streams in real-time or based on files. As an essential tool for developers and operators of TPEGTM services it allows for example comfortable and time-saving monitoring and comparison of the services.

See, touch and discuss with our experts the newest implementations for the future core technology of traffic and travel information.

Find all product information at the new microsite www.wecantpeg.com