TISA strengthens ties with Deutsche Bahn

June 28, 2021

Deutsche Bahn is one of the biggest mobility and logistics companies in Europe, serving millions of rail and bus travellers every year and acting as an important travel information data hub for all passengers.

Beside regular travel information, passengers also deal with different kinds of disruptions on a daily basis, this is why TISA is glad to be working closely with Deutsche Bahn in the framework of TPEG2-PTS, which is helping the German rail operator to better inform public transport customers via public broadcasting.

“TPEG2-PTS is a chance for public transport to achieve better travel communication for its own customers”, said Ingo Ritter. “Thanks to TISA’s service, we can now obtain the reduction of input formats, quality-controlled data and literally connect to a new world!”, he concluded.

Although a nationwide rollout in Germany will be challenging, TISA Members are positive about the future outcomes of the collaboration with Deutsche Bahn. The presentation is available here.