TISA welcomes a new Member: QMap

January 7, 2021

TISA is delighted to welcome a new Member to the Group: QMap.

A company based in Italy, QMap is active in ITS and has been able to bring innovation in different fields of application, earning the trust of the large public and private companies. Among its most important references, QMap is working with the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport for the implementation of the new official versions of TMC.

An important development of QMap is QUBE, a Geospatial Platform which offers solutions and services for infomobility, analyzing every day more than 250 million GPS points moving on a TMC-based map network, monitoring more than 100 thousand km of road network and generating about 20 thousand alerts.

As a TISA Member, QMap will benefit from priority access to TISA specifications and guidelines, the work with an experienced product-driven team of experts, advocacy and global outreach and much more.

The Traveller Information Services Association is always open for new organisations to join. More information on how to join TISA can be found at this link.