All you need to know about TISA at the 26th ITS World Congress in Singapore

After the success of the 2018 ITS World Congress, TISA Members are preparing for this year’s event in Singapore. The agenda features demonstrations at the sand and sessions, not to be missed!

Join us at TISA’s stand 375 to take a look at the two demonstrations that will be presented. The first demonstration will show ADASIS’ first interfacing of real-time traffic from TISA Member GEWI’s TIC3 messages. The aim is to demonstrate that AD relevant traffic event messages can be processed by ADASIS, displayed by the Electronic Horizon Reconstructor of Elektrobit.

The second demonstration will present a data protocol transmission that can carry information to AD. From specific GEWI TIC3 XML, this demonstration will show a mix of AD & conventional vehicles and different scenarios thanks to which one can see how real time traffic information can influence the AD vehicles (ex. closing lane, road section not allowed for AD vehicles).

Let’s talk about sessions. Mark your calendar for the Special Interest Session (SIS) 09 on “Challenge of integrating automated vehicles into the digital infrastructure”, taking place on Tuesday 22 October. This session will feature TISA Members as speakers. Join Matthias Unbehaun, TISA, Belgium, Prokop Jehlicka, HERE Technologies, Germany and ERTICO’s Jean-Charles Pandazis, Johanna Tzanidaki and Stephane Dreher to discuss what data is needed to support Automated Driving, how the automated vehicle should be integrated with the digital infrastructure currently under development and whether the traffic will be managed differently.

The second session will feature TISA Member NNG on Wednesday 23 October for SIS 32 on “Strategy of practical implement of V-I cooperative systems for traffic accident avoidance”. This session aims to introduce the development and deployment of V-I Cooperative systems and to discuss some technological and political subjects of V-I Cooperative systems for traffic accidents avoidance.

Don’t forget to pay us a visit at stand 375, where you will also find co-exhibitors GEWI, NDS Association, NNG, ADASIS and SENSORIS.

See you in Singapore!

TISA to issue white papers on TPEG’s impact on Automated Vehicles

The Transport Protocol Experts Group (TPEG) set of protocols for traffic and traveller related information has been created as a protocol to deliver information to drivers to support them in their driving task. The range of message goes from safety-related message, to more supporting information of parking, refuelling, and points of interest and more.

With the advent of automated vehicles, the role of the driver is changing, as is her or his need for information. Also, the focus for information changes to the vehicle itself. As the vehicle will be controlling its own trajectory, it will need the information to do this safely.

TISA Members are therefore working on a white paper to discuss the impact that the latter has on traffic and traveller information, TPEG in specific, from both a business and technical perspective. More information will follow soon.

Microsoft accelerates the evolution of connected car solutions with new partnership

TISA Member Microsoft has announced the start of a new collaboration with the company Scope to accelerate the evolution of connected car solutions.

The partnership includes Scope’s adoption of Azure to enhance their advanced enterprise solutions. It will also promote R&D collaboration on AI driven image recognition technology along with sales collaboration between the two companies.

Scope’s platform solutions feature connected car, IoT partner marketplace, and mobility platform solutions. This new offering will significantly enhance the adoption of innovations in connected car solutions.

“For twenty years Scope has been bringing innovation to the automotive, insurance, and fleet markets while maintaining our core values of improving driver safety and helping to prevent road fatalities. Today, we continue that tradition with new solutions that are powered by big data, machine learning, computer vision, and artificial intelligence, which requires highly robust, innovative, and secure solutions to serve our global customers. Microsoft Azure provides a powerful tool for us to accelerate the evolution of the next generation of connected car solutions,” said Jacob Hasson, CRO at Scope Technology.

Scope Technology processes billions of meaningful vehicle events every month from over 50 countries worldwide. While today’s systems capture vehicle, driver, and contextual information, the next generation of connected car solutions will expand the ecosystem beyond the vehicle.

“End customers have new expectations about their vehicle experiences and Scope’s solutions are helping the large enterprise companies transition to a more engaged and richer customer experience with actionable insights and advanced services. Scope is helping them to grow into new markets while offering new services,” said Hasson.

“We are entering a new era of services around connected cars. The partnership with Scope Technology will enable them to fuel their digital transformation, and accelerate innovation in their connected car and vehicle technologies to create solutions that are even more intelligent and data driven. Microsoft aims to enable our customers to focus on innovation and how they will continue in transforming their industries,” said Samer Abu Ltaif, President of Microsoft Middle East and Africa.

Microsoft Azure provides a powerful cloud platform that maximizes the evolution of Scope’s big data and artificial intelligence connected car solutions for customers in multiple verticals worldwide. Scope is helping companies better serve their customers while continuing to make roads safer.

Source: Microsoft

GEWI Announces WZDaaS for USDOT Work Zone Data Initiative

The USDOT Work Zone Data Initiative (WZDI) has established a data format to enable the exchange of Work Zone data in a standard protocol and provide many benefits for Work Zone safety and planning, avoiding conflicts with other agencies and jurisdictions.

To make the adoption of this format easy, GEWI announces a hosted Work Zone Data as a Service (WZDaaS) solution which allows agencies to use their existing systems, and be compliant with the new standard.  WZDaaS also makes the Work Zone data available to navigation systems, broadcasters, other systems, and create CAV compliant data for the emerging automated vehicle market. Agencies looking for more features can use thee TIC software for total Work Zone planning, processing permit requests, issuing permits, Smart Work Zone operations and post project analytics.

GEWI will be demonstrating this solution at booth #216 at ITS America 04-07 2019 in Washington, D.C.  To schedule a demonstration at the conference, contact  For a demonstration after ITS America, please contact a GEWI representative in your region.

TISA participates in the ITS European Congress in Brainport-Eindhoven

The ITS European Congress 2019, which took place from 3 to 6 June in Brainport-Eindhoven, the Netherlands, was a great occasion for TISA and its members GEWI, Be-Mobile, HERE, INRIX, NavInfo and Rijkswaterstaat to meet and showcase their latest developments and technology.

TISA was in the spotlight at ERTICO’s stand with a presentation on TPEG for Emergency Alerts and Warnings, led by Teun Hendriks, with the participation of BBK (the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance).

“The ITS European Congress was a very interesting occasion to present TPEG for Emergency Alerts and Warnings. We had a large audience and the presentation was very well received. Plus, Eindhoven is my hometown, which makes me very proud of having had this opportunity to present TISA’s work”, Said Teun Hendriks.

The next important appointment for TISA will be the ITS World Congress in Singapore, where TISA will be present at stand # 375 together with GEWI, NDS, NNG, SENSORIS and ADASIS.