TISA a key driver in the 18th Open Auto Drive Forum

TISA presented at the 18th Open Auto Drive Forum (OADF) that took place on-line on 22 November 2022. The OADF intends to give all stakeholders involved in automated driving the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences on standardisation matters. At the event, Executive Director of TISA Matthias Unbehaun gave an update of the organisation’s latest activities including on the role that TPEG2 EAW plays in emergency situations, TPEG DRR and future developments towards TPEG3.

Whilst presenting, Matthias Unbehaun pointed out that  ‘TISA contributes to closing gaps in the ODD and creating a seamless automated driving experience by delivering standards for the provision of highly dynamic traffic information for AD vehicles. This type of information focuses on non-standard or unexpected situations for AD vehicles and it also increases the look-ahead beyond the range of the on-board sensors. ‘ He also concluded that TISA had made good progress working on its toolchain to become the ‘workbench for TPEG3 for AD’. A quick survey made by TISA and taken at the event, revealed that the current working assumption to use protocol buffers for serialization needed to be revisited and other serialization schemes to be considered for further benchmarking.

Also, in attendance were the other OADF member organisations, including ADASIS, NDS, SENSORIS, SIP-adus, TISA and TN-ITS as well as ASAM.  Thought leaders such as Aria Etemad from Volkswagen outlined the challenges of introducing higher automation, Steffen Kuhn from Elektrobit presented recommendations on map reliability in the upcoming ISO TS 5083 and Trond Hovland from ITS Norway talked about standardizing HD maps for the next generation of mobility.

In 2015, the OADF was set up to create an ecosystem for automated driving and coordinate standardization matters within this ecosystem. Major progress has already been made in establishing and updating a commonly accepted ecosystem architecture that identifies the building blocks needed for autonomous driving and its main interfaces, as well as the understanding of functional safety issues involved in using HD maps.


NAPCORE & DATEX II – presenting TISA’s vital traffic information activities

At the recent DATEX II Forum that took place on 2-3 November 2022, Matthias Unbehaun, Executive Director of TISA presented to a wide group of mobility peers the organisation’s contribution and successful collaboration with other stakeholders, such as DATEX II, on the EU Delegated Acts for Safety Related Traffic Information (SRTI). Stephanie Chaufton, TISA’s Senior Coordinator attended the NAPCORE Advisory Board meeting on 2 November and NAPCORE Mobility Data Days event that took place in parallel from 3- 4 November in Paris.  Both events were opportunities for TISA to align and network with various organisations involved in traffic and data information.

Matthias Unbehaun delivered a historical overview of the progress made on the harmonised message sets for the EU Delegated Act for STRI and RTTI and the joint work of EU-EIP and TISA to reach clarifications on Action B and C in 2017. Since its first release of the SRTI harmonised message set document in 2013, an additional ten safety events have been added in 2020. ‘It is important to acknowledge and respect the variety of different legal regimes, actors and their responsibilities across the Member States,‘ he said.

NAPCORE gathers over 80 different public and private entities to enhance the harmonisation of the National Access Points. The organisation aims to leverage the massive amount of data available on transport and mobility and make it more accessible. TISA is an active member of the NAPCORE Board. At the event, there was a variety of workshops in a World Café format. A range of organisations representing the data industry were present and TISA took great interest in an afternoon workshop session on cycling led by Cristina Buraga (CEREMA) and Ronald Jorna (NDW), where for example the company Eco-Counter revealed their unique and innovative solutions to count pedestrians and cyclists. Eco-Counter will also be presenting at the TISA face- to-face Committee meeting on 6 – 7 December in Brussels. Calling on members to join us there!


TISA makes New Evaluation Kit available on GitLab

The TISA Product Committee has prepared a TPEG2 evaluation kit and published it on its GitLab server. The aim is to provide an easy entry to the basic functionalities and design principles of TPEG2 technology, hence make it accessible to a broader audience beyond the TISA membership. Potential users are organisations that have heard of TPEG and wish to explore details without implementing the whole set of ISO standards, or universities that wish to use it for training/education purposes. The evaluation kit contains the TEC and EAW applications plus TMC, GLR and a basic OLR (only geographic) location referencing. The evaluation kit is freely accessible under a BSD-3 type license together with some sample data for TEC and EAW here:


TISA would like to acknowledge the contributions from:

  • Teun Hendriks, for providing large parts of the code base and support during the implementation
  • Abel Gabor, for updating the code base to Python 3, commenting and thoroughly testing the code, as well as for packaging the kit together with installation instructions
  • Luka Krevs, for facilitating the Product Committee internal discussions and the decision-making process, as well as for preparing the GitLab server and coordinating all the work

Travelling to ITS World Congress 2022 in LA

At the recent ITS World Congress in Los Angeles more than 6,000 industry professionals from 64 countries came together to experience cutting-edge technologies, educational programming, and demonstrations showcased by industry leading organisations. The Traveller Information Services Association (TISA) was hosted by the company GEWI on their stand in the exhibition hall. The ITS World Congress 2022 gave the opportunity to TISA and Members of the Steering Board Andras Csepinszky, Teun Hendricks, to present in a variety of sessions throughout the week and to discuss with industry players the importance of developing standards for the mobility market.

‘The Congress featured a broad range of very interesting sessions and presentations, providing many opportunities for discussion. With a compact exhibition, it was easy to navigate and engage in talks at the booths. The TISA team particularly focused on demonstrations related to emergency vehicle communication, providing valuable input for the continuation of work on EVA,’ said Matthias Unbehaun, Executive Director of TISA.

On Sunday, 18 September 2022, the TISA team presented the special interest session ‘Managing Road Traffic in Cases of Large-scale Emergencies’. When disaster and emergencies strike, it is vital to deliver effective traffic management to ensure road users stay away from dangerous areas. Providing authorities with a new channel for warnings about emergencies to travellers, TPEG2-EAW is based on the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) and by acting as a simple add-on for millions of TPEG2 enabled devices worldwide, provides an international standardised solution that integrates with all navigation systems and mobile phones, Matthias Unbehaun Executive Director, Teun Hendriks and Andras Csepinszky presented in the session, and as a highlight the results of field trials held Germany were showcased.

TISA members also presented in the session Connected Vehicle Technology to Improve CAV Operations held on Tuesday afternoon. Andras Csepinszky, chair of TISA’s Content and Services Committee and liaison officer to ISO TC204, presented on the advantages of TPEG over C-ITS. Teun Hendriks, Chair of Technical and Standards Committee of TISA presented Automated Vehicles: The Case for Real-time External Information presented to an audience of interested participants from industry.

 Stephanie Chaufton, TISA’s Coordinator presented in the session Dependable HD Maps for Safe Automated Driving: How Do We Get There from Here? that took place on Tuesday morning. HD maps are one of the core components for automated driving (AD). Since traffic information delivered to AD vehicles references to these HD maps, their integrity and dependability is vital for the work of TISA on highly dynamic traffic content for AD. Stephanie presented how TISA is collaborating with the other organizations of the Open Auto Drive Forum (OADF) regarding dependable HD maps. Stephanie noted ‘The collaboration with the other standardisation organizations ensures that the development of TISA standards for automated driving is well aligned with and integrated into the OADF ecosystem’.

Next meeting 6-7 December 2022. Want to be a member? Reach out to s.chaufton@tisa.org


Providing a warning channel in Amsterdam

Cordelia Wilson, Senior Communications Consultant recently presented TPEG2 Emergency Alerts & Warnings (EAW) at the 2022 @Common Alerting Protocol Workshop and Training on 20 September in Amsterdam on behalf of the Traveller Information Services Association. Teun Hendriks, Member of the TISA Steering Board also joined live from the ITS World Congress 2022 in Los Angeles to discuss the field trials in Germany, its technical application and the future implementation of TPEG2 (EAW).  The workshop brought together a range of global actors in the emergency sector including public authorities and industry players such as Google to discuss how to improve the dissemination of warnings in situations where it is vital to communicate with travellers.

The implementers of CAP and other associated organisations discussed the importance of a common platform such as CAP to launch messaging, but also recognised the challenges such as lack of standardisation and the varying information channels to reach those caught up in disasters.  This is where the TPEG2 Emergency Alerts and Warnings (EAW) standard comes in, which enables CAP alerts offered by CAP Alert Hubs to go directly to in-vehicle navigation systems, such as Garmin, Tom-Tom, and those offered by car manufacturers worldwide. Cordelia Wilson stated ‘This is a mature technology that is embedded in millions of devices worldwide that can effectively inform drivers and travellers so they can re-route to avoid danger.’ Teun Hendriks, joining live from the ITS World Congress in Los Angeles discussed the field trials in Germany, the technical application of the technology and the future implementation of TPEG2 (EAW), also announced the new Evaluation Kit that TISA has recently been made available.

The event was hosted by Everbridge and Alert Hub and is co-sponsored by the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM), the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the OASIS standards organization and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and gathers all interested in emergency information warnings from across the world.