TISA – Shaping Quality

Travel Information services worldwide.

TISA is a market-driven membership association with worldwide scope, established as a non-profit company focussed on proactive implementation of traffic and travel information services and products based on existing standards, including primarily RDS-TMC and TPEG technologies.

TISA supports the maintenance and development of standardised technologies leading to economic implementation and rapid market acceptance across a wide range of travel information services and products. In addition to road traffic information, for example, public transport, points of interest, weather and environmental data will continue to be in the TISA focus of important topic areas.


TISA was founded on synergy among previously separate member organisations and it now ensures an international framework for the coordinated development of future standards and services. TISA was established in Dec. 2007 as a non-profit organization under the Belgian law, taking-over the activities from the former TMC forum, the TPEG forum and the German Mobile.Info project. The Executive office of TISA is hosted by ERTICO, in Brussels. Contact us


Membership of TISA is open to all public and private organisations that have an interest in Traffic and Traveller information and support the objectives of the association. TISA worldwide membership has steadily grown to more than 100 members to date and is widely represented across the whole value chain of the Traffic and Traveller Information Services. The list of current TISA members is available here