Procedure TMC Location Table Certification

The LTRT has defined a procedure and timescale for location table certification.

  • Location table created and self-checked using TMCStudio tool. Current version approved : TmcStudio Version 11.3.0  – notify the Executive Office if you don’t have this tool and version
  • Location table certification request submitted to TISA Executive Office by applicant using this web request form
  • Location table submission files shall contain:
    • Exchange format file, version 2.7, dated 05 November 2019 (single .zip file only)
    • TMCStudio combined report (see above version)
    • Supplementary Information can be used to provide additional information on specific locations. It is required for ALL warnings, minor and major errors.
    • Comparison Report is also exported from the TMCStudio (see above version) with all differences with the previous certified Location Table. The report is required for all submissions except for the first submission of a Location Table.
  • Request verified and distributed to LTRT; invoice where appropriate sent to applicant within one week
  • Allocated LTRT member checks the location table for errors and LTRT discuss any issues
  • If no issues are found, LTRT gives its verdict and TISA Executive Office checks for invoice payment and issues certificate
  • If issues are found, LTRT / TISA Executive Office gives advice and supports resubmission of a corrected location table

Notes on procedure

  • Confidentiality: the existence and certification submission of a location table remains confidential to LTRT members until certification is granted. In some cases it is also necessary to include Steering Board in the location table certification discussion. A register of completed certifications is available to all TISA members and information may be provided to non-member organisations.
  • Certification submissions must follow the requirements of the Location Table Exchange Format specification (available on request from the TISA Executive Office)
  • Rejection: the LTRT reserves the right to refuse the certification of a location table for any reason. The location table owner will be informed of the reason for refusal.At the time of the certification submission, the submitter should ensure that the “TMC report” (generated by the TMCStudio) is free of errors and warnings. The report is important advice to the LTRT but in itself it does not mean that the certification will be automatically granted.
  • The LTRT further verifies manually the location table by making additional checks for best practices. The manual checks are not pre determined because they rely upon LTRT knowledge and expertise to understand specific needs for further evaluation.
  • A LocTab Certification Cycle exists of maximum two LocTab Check Cycles. If the LocTab is not error-free after two LocTab Check Cycles, the LocTab Certification Cycle is ended and no certificate is issued. A new LocTab Certification Cycle can be initiated.
  • Public or Private TMC tables: roles and relations with respect to TMC Location tables are defined in a guideline TISA3001_Terms for the Certification of TMC Location Tables 
  • Limitation: On a yearly basis (January to December) the maximum number of certification requests per location table is set to 2 .
    Re-submissions requested by the team are not taken into account.


Multiple certification requests

Above 2 location tables, the owner must submit the certifications requests in one package with unique versioning number (batch submission). This rule is applicable per owner and per country.

The owner can use one submission form, inserting all tables number in the field “Location Table Number (TABCD in Location Table Exchange Format”. The zip file should contain an excel file listing the location table numbers.

Batch submission
– per country (e.g. USA, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico will be submitted separately)
– all LT will be submitted, even if tables only x% of a batch actually change.

Batch resubmission after former rejection
– all LT will be resubmitted, even if tables only x% of a batch actually change.


Certification Timescale

The LTRT has defined two options for certification timescale:

  • Standard certification: LTRT will give its verdict within 6 weeks of receiving submitted table and certificate sent within three working days of the verdict.
  • Fast track processing may be available depending on LTRT team member availability, for an extra fee. When fast track processing availability is confirmed by TISA Executive Office LTRT will give its verdict within 3 weeks, and the certificate will be sent within three working days of the verdict.This process is available per location table.
  • If resubmission is necessary, then the timescale restarts from the date the resubmitted tables are received.


Certification Costs

The costs for location table certification vary depending on whether the table owner is a TISA member and on how the location table will be made available:

TISA Members

Detailed description available on Confluence: TISA19004

  • First LocTab Certification Cycle under regular submission:
    •  for a public LocTab                                .                                       Free
    •  for a private LocTab                                           .                       1,500.00€
  • Non-first LocTab Certification Cycle under regular submission:
    • 1st to 10th Certification Cycle of the year                                             Free
    • 11th and later Certification Cycle of the year (single LocTab)          250.00€
    • 11th and later Certification Cycle of the year  (LocTab Batch)          187.50€

 Non-TISA Members

  • LocTab Certification cycle 2500€

Notes on costs

  • Table certification fees are set for the table owner.
  • Certification fee for non TISA member must be received at TISA bank account before the certificate is issued.
  • Fast track processing is available upon TISA Executive office confirmation: there is an additional fee of 2000 Euro per LocTab certification cycle.  This process is not automatically available
  • All prices are subject to VAT where applicable at 21%

Requests for change of ownership of a location table must be accompanied by a new certification request and appropriate fee.