Committee Meetings

During the Committee meetings, the TISA community meet, present new Use Case Proposals and discuss their priority for the work programme of the TISA Working Groups and Task Forces.

  • The Technical and Standards Committee brings together the technical development of new features and applications and readies them for either TISA Specifications or international standardisation for use amongst TISA members
  • The Content and Service Committee brings together an end-to-end concern for information content and provision to the end-user.
  • The Products Committee currently addresses TISA products for members, such as provision of Service ID’s, Location Database Certifications and translations of events phrases and TPEGTM Tables.
  • The three Committees of TISA normally meet 4 times per year, where possible, in Europe or other regions.

Working Groups and Task Forces

The Working Groups and Task Forces are convened to address a specific area of activity.They are established for proactive Membership involvement to really develop solutions and provide Specifications. There are now 6 WGs. You can learn more about the activities of these Working Groups and Task Forces here