Global Public Transport Summit

15-17 May 2017, Montreal (Canada)

Public transport is rapidly changing. In a world of increasing technologies, globalisation and new players entering the sector, we cannot afford to stand on the sidelines. We need to take an active role and “Lead the TRANSITion”.
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TPEG-Workshop “Getting in touch with TPEG”

16 May 2017, Munich, Germany

The workshop is aimed at technicians and engineers from the automotive industry, receivers, network operators, program and service providers as well as manufacturers of broadcasting technology. In addition to extensive explanations of the standard TPEG, its development and the current state of the specification, the workshop also contains practical elements such as the analysis and the creation of TPEG services (live). More information will follow soon.

12th European ITS Congress 2017

19-21 June 2017, Strasbourg (France)

Under the theme “ITS Beyond Borders”, the Congress will focus on the people, intelligent mobility users, as every day hundreds of thousands of them are crossing the French-German border to live their daily lives.
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