TMC Logo Usage Authorisation

As owners of the Intellectual Property rights, Continental and Bosch (having inherited them from Siemens VDO and Blaupunkt respectively) want to ensure that ALERT-C based TMC services and products are recognised easily by the use of an official logo. The TMC logo used originally by Siemens VDO and Blaupunkt on their products is widely used and well known to the public.

To allow other manufacturers to take advantage of the TMC brand-awareness through the use of this logo, Continental and Bosch have given TISA permission to transfer the TMC logo free of charge to authorised organisations in the following categories:

  • designers/editors of brochures that promote ALERT-C (for TMC products or services)
  • service providers and broadcasters of services compatible with ALERT-C (for advertising/promotion)
  • TMC receiver manufacturers for those products that work according to ALERT-C

The above rules mean that the TMC logo may be used on all products compatible with the ALERT-C Standards as defined in the ISO 14819 series.

To comply with copyright restrictions, the letters “TMC” must appear with the words “Traffic Message Channel” as above. The logo graphic files are sent in TIF format and also as higher quality scalable EPS format. The logo itself must not be changed, except to invert the colours for use on a dark background (i.e. white lines on a black background, with the flash still red or the same colour as the lines if in monochrome).

To request authorisation to use the TMC logo, please complete and submit the form below: