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Safety related message sets – Selection of DATEX II Codes, DENM Event Types, TPEG2-TEC-Causes and TMC-Events for EC high level Categories

In the Directive 2010/40/EU (“ITS Directive”) the European Commission developed as Priority Action C a EU Regulation named “Data and procedures for the provision, where possible, of road safety related minimum universal traffic information free of charge to users”. It defines, amongst others a single list of categories for safety related traffic information to be provided without additional cost for the end user.

The ITS Directive Working Group has produced “Terms and definitions” that provides a subset of DATEX II Codes, DENM Event Types, TPEG-TEC causes and TMC Events, which shall be defined and declared as the message sets to be used for safety related messages. Further, for the selected message sets, a correlation the between the three standards DATEX II, DENM TMC and TPEG is defined.

ITSTF17001_SafetyrelatedMessage-Sets-DATEXII_DENM_TPEG-TEC_TMC_ v1.0


TISA QBench is a method that measures the quality of Traffic Flow information. It will make a comparison between the reality (“ground truth”) and what is being reported by a service provider.

The TISA QBench Task Force has created the following documents to assist the membership in calculating TISA QBench scores:

SP16001TISA QBench Calculations: describes the steps that are needed to become the TISA QBench score.
SP16002TISA QBench Guidelines outlines the purpose, limitations and expected outcomes of the Calculations. How the calculations should be performed and how the results should be interpreted.
SP16003TISA QBench Test Data Sets are added to ensure the correct implementation of the TISA QBench Calculations (including 8 sets of test data are provided in a zip file


TISA membership list

TISA works within a wide community of companies and organisations concerned with delivering ITS services and products.
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TISA Flyer

TISA is a market-driven membership association with worldwide scope, established as a non-profit company.
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TISA – Terms and Definitions for the Traffic and Travel Information Value Chain

The TISA generic value chain is based upon the experience of many members, mainly in the European context. TISA has a policy of sharing experience on a worldwide basis and additional/other value chain elements may be included in the future.

The definitions provided in this document may be used as a reference and should aid the communication between stakeholders along the TTI value chain.

EO12013 – TISA Definition ITS value chain