Technical white paper

This paper discusses technical solutions that will solve some relevant technical and business issues in context with automated driving, taking into account that not all vehicles are automated.


Business white paper

This paper discusses the impact that automated vehicles have on traffic and traveller information, TPEG in specific, from a business perspective.


Quality of Traffic Information

This position paper provides a travel and traffic information service (provider and client) perspective on the topic of quality of traffic information, consolidated and endorsed by 100+ TISA members, collectively representing the entire traffic information value chain. TISA aspires to contribute to the wider understanding and awareness of the importance of quality in travel and traffic information services. It also aims to further enhance the benefits of the end recipient of these services, the drivers.


Priority Action A on Multi-modal travel information services

TISA ITS Directive Working Group has produced a Position Paper that responds to the Delegated Act 886/2013, Priority Action A on Multi-modal travel information services.


Provision of EU-wide Real-time Traffic Information Services

The Directive 2010/40/EU (‘ITS Directive’) provides for the adoption of specifications to ensure the compatibility, interoperability and continuity for the deployment and operational use of EU-wide real-time traffic information services (priority action “b”). The ITS Directive Working Group has produced a Position Paper to make proposals on issues that need to be dealt with, in the specification for Priority Action “b”).


Provision of a free Minimum Universal Traffic Information Service

The “ITS Directive” of the European Commission has defined Priority Actions for the development and use of specifications and standards (Article 3).
This TISA Position Paper makes proposals on issues that need to be dealt with, in a specification for Priority Action (c): “data and procedures for the provision, where possible, of road safety related minimum universal traffic information free of charge to users”

EO12004 Free Minimum Universal Traffic Information Service

TISA and International Standards

This Position Paper follows the publication of the European Union Directive: (27.7.2010, Official Journal of the European Union C 203 E/1), which gives a clear lead to requirements for future ITS services in Europe and, we believe, beyond in other markets.  TISA, recognising the key components of Article 8, namely: “compatibility, interoperability and continuity”, wishes to highlight its position in respect of the technical standards which support the service objectives of the Directive.

E010040 – Position Paper TISA and International Standards

Delivery Channels for TTI

TISA has released a Position Paper intending to provide some background information about the delivery of TTI services and the issues that Radio Regulation needs to consider for the ubiquitous availability of TTI data services. It is issued jointly with ERTICO-ITS Europe

EO10036 Position Paper Delivery Channels for TTI