TMC Location Table Certification

The objective of the Location Table Release Team (LTRT) is to improve the quality of location tables used for TMC services worldwide.

The LTRT checks in detail the compliance to standards and best-practices of new location tables, and has developed a certification procedure which grants a stamp of quality to those location tables which pass a set of tests.

The Current TMCStudio version approved by TISA is TMCStudio – Version 11.3.0

Notice: TMC location tables owners could – if they wish- still use the TMCStudio Version 11.2.0 until 20 December 2021. From 20 December 2021 at latest, all location tables submitted for certification must be checked with TMC Studio Version 11.3.0.**

Before submitting a table for certification, you must be aware of the Certification Procedure & related costs,
click here to read the complete procedure