Traffic and Traveller information support safe and efficient journeys. In addition to road traffic information, for example, public transport, points of interest, weather and environmental data are useful before and during a journey:

  • To plan if / when / how to make the journey
  • To avoid congestion and delays during the journey
  • To receive warnings of incidents on the planned route
  • To be aware of alternative routes

Traffic and Traveller Information is a key element of any overall ITS policy.

TISA is a worldwide professional association concerned with the development and standardisation of Traffic and Traveller Information services and products, including primarily TMC and TPEGTM.

TISA has established, and continues to maintain, a Database of PriorArt related to TMC and TPEG. This community data is accessible to all TISA members. However, TISA recognises that such information may also be helpful for non-members and is therefore prepared to provide under certain conditions. Depending on the scope of the request, TISA may charge a handling fee for providing such information.

Interesting parties may send an email to the TISA Executive Office