HERE and INRIX Form Partnership to Move Mobility Forward

INRIX, the world leader in connected car services and mobility analytics, and HERE Technologies, a global leader in mapping and location services, today announced a partnership to deliver industry-leading services and products. INRIX will leverage map content from HERE in more than 50 countries, with the specific goal of increasing connected services coverage and quality in the automotive sector. The companies are also exploring further collaboration opportunities, including utilizing their respective data and platform capabilities for the creation and delivery of new data services to move mobility forward around the world.
As the location data experts, HERE is dedicated to providing the most complete, up-to-date and accurate maps in the industry, reinforcing the emphasis INRIX puts on quality, coverage and innovation of its new product offerings.

“Partnering with HERE allows us to offer best-in-class mobility solutions to public and private sector customers worldwide,” said Bryan Mistele, president and CEO of INRIX. “Our shared vision of quality, coverage and new product innovation is the cornerstone of our partnership, and I’m excited to see where this relationship will go.”
“HERE and INRIX are a great match,” said Edzard Overbeek, CEO of HERE Technologies. “Both companies believe in the power of open platforms and partner ecosystems to accelerate innovation and build the mobility services of the future. We look forward to exploring the possibilities together with INRIX.”

Every day, HERE processes millions of changes to its map, drawing on the data it gathers from passenger and commercial vehicles, a community of map editors, its own fleet of LiDAR-equipped mapping cars, and satellite and aerial imagery. HERE uses a mix of people power, advanced data processing and machine learning to turn all that data into maps with hundreds of attributes, including addresses, road signs, and turn and roadway restrictions such as weight limits and relative road heights, for all major markets. Most major automotive brands, as well as many of the world’s biggest enterprises, rely on the HERE location platform.

INRIX collects billions of anonymous data points every day from a diverse set of sources, including connected vehicles, cities, DOTs, road weather conditions, journalistic incidents, social media, parking, mobile and other IoT devices. With information on nearly 90 percent of the world’s roads across over 80 countries, INRIX is the preferred provider of driving and mobility intelligence for leading automakers, transportation agencies and enterprises, including Audi, BMW, Ford, IBM, REMAX, Subway T-Mobile, Waze and more than 120 city, national and state government agencies such as the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, Highways England, the City of Copenhagen and RTA Dubai.

Thomas Kusche-Knezevic presents TISA to German police traffic control centers

Picture by Michael Bungert (Bavarian Police).

TISA’s President Thomas Kusche-Knezevic participated to the annual meeting of the German Police’s Traffic Control Centers – “Landesmeldestellen“. In this occasion, Mr. Kusche-Knezevic presented the recent developments within TISA, such as I4AD, C-ITS, Stands/Specification Editing and so on and encouraged participants to think about a more active involvement within in the TISA Sector of Public Authorities.



Be-Mobile acquires Mediamobile and expands its smart mobility services in Europe

The Belgian smart mobility company Be-Mobile, with Proximus and the own management as main shareholders acquired all of the share capital of its French sector partner Mediamobile. Mediamobile, a subsidiary of the French group TDF based in Paris, specializes in providing real-time traffic information for car navigation systems of Renault, BMW, Volvo, Toyota and Volkswagen, among others. The acquisition was fully financed with own resources.

“The acquisition strengthens our position in the automotive industry and increases the coverage of our traffic management services in France, Germany, the Nordics and Poland, where Mediamobile is active today,” according to Jan Cools, CEO of Be-Mobile. The combined turnover of Be-Mobile and Mediamobile totaled more than 40 million euros in 2017. Be-Mobile has the ambition to grow into a European market leader in smart mobility. The acquisition of Mediamobile is an important step in the context of this ambition.

Be-Mobile provides services for monitoring and controlling traffic flows, intelligent toll collection, parking and public transport through 4411 (service payment via smartphone) and also owns the popular Dutch app Flitsmeister. Last year, the company introduced so-called C-ITS (Cooperative ITS) applications to bring real time information about traffic lights, speed advice and warnings for approaching ambulances in real time to the dashboard of the vehicle. This new development puts Be-Mobile on-track for delivering a neutral platform for road authorities to eventually guide autonomous vehicles over their road network.

Be-Mobile is Proximus’ partner in the domain of smart mobility solutions offered to the professional market, Smart Cities, event companies, logistic companies, etc. and integrates Be-Mobile’s mobility budget tool in Proximus’ new workplace solution.

TISA at CAICV Congress & Exhibition in Shanghai

TISA and the Open Auto Drive Forum (OADF) were invited to present work in progress on automated driving, HD maps and traffic info at the CAICV Congress & Exhibition in Shanghai, organized by SAE China. TISA member Navinfo played an important role in facilitating the invitation and arranging the congress participation. The session, where Matthias Unbehaun (TISA Executive Director and OADF Speaker) presented, was well attended with about 60 participants. A number of questions were raised during the Q&A session, for example concerning the quality and reliability of traffic and map data.

The collocated exhibition provided ample opportunities for networking and discussions with navigation technology providers, mapping companies as well as service and technology providers in the Chinese ITS arena. One of the highlights of the Congress & Exhibition was a live interoperability demo with C-ITS services next to the congress venue. The event had a strong regional Asian focus and was therefore an excellent opportunity to increase the awareness of the mainly Chinese and Asian participants about the work done by TISA and the OADF in the areas of maps, traffic information and automated driving.

TISA presented in Japan at SIP ADUS Workshop

On 13 November, Tokyo hosted the SIP ADUS Workshop, where TISA’s BAWG chair & OADF LMDC TF leader Andras Csepinszky discussed important topics for the traveller information association, proposing different solutions in the framework of TISA and other innovation platforms. Important points of discussion were the TF Architecture and Reference ecosystem with reference to automated driving, as the roles of different components of a car, as well as the dependencies and interaction of the vehicle with the environment, are changing.


TISA’s proposed solution was presented as a commonly agreed ecosystem developed, maintained and updated by the OADF member organizations. Live Map Delivery Chain TF and Location Referencing were also discussed, as well as Live Map Delivery Chain TF Lane ID harmonization & compatibility. In this second case, Mr. Csepinszky brought forward TISA’s solution against lack of consistence between lane definition, numbering and models with standards. TISA’s solution in this case is to eliminate inconsistencies between TEC, TFP & VLI, and numbering and mapping to an NDS map the lane definition, considering the SPaT-MAP of SAE J2735 model and adopting the ADASIS and NDS lane group concept.

The presentation continued with Map Backend Integrity and Highly Reliable Maps TF Map Quality Attributes, ending with TISA AD related activities concerning road restrictions and precise road work and complex geometries.