Each TPEGTM Application is assigned a unique number called the Application Identifier (AID) which is standardised in CEN ISO/TS 18234-1. An AID is defined whenever a new application is developped. The AID’s currently allocated are as follows:


AID Number
AID Number
Application Abbreviation
0000 0000 Service and Network Information application SNI
0001 0001 Road Traffic Message application RTM
0002 0002 Public Transport Information application PTI
0003 0003 Parking Information application PKI
0004 0004 Congestion and Travel Time application CTT
0005 0005 Traffic Event Compacy application TEC
0006 0006 Conditionnal Access Information application CAI
0007 0007 Traffic Flow and Prediction TFP
0008 0008 Fuel Price Information FPI
0009 0009 Road and Multimodal Routes RMR
0010 000A Weather Information WEA
0011 000B Electromobility charging infrastructure EMI
0012 000C Vigilance Location Information VLI
0013 000D Public Transport Services Information PTS
0014 000E Speed Information SPI
0015 000F Emergency Alerts and Warnings EAW
0016 0010 Driving Restrictions Regulations DRR