GEWI Enables Pothole Repair Projects Using Waze Data

March 23, 2017

GEWI recently completed work on a component for the TIC Software which will collect Waze data and automatically take actions based on the specific Event type and Subtype.

One example is the ability for the TIC Software to automatically create road repair projects based on user-generated pothole reports from Waze.

The process uses the Project feature of the TIC Software, which allows a public agency to decide the specific steps to be taken when a pothole is reported.  For example, based on the location of the pothole, a notification can automatically be sent to the maintenance department responsible for the specific roadway.  Further specific steps can be assigned based on the repair process specified by the agency.

Broken asphalt pavement on a highway resulting in unsafe driving conditions.  Shot with shallow dof. Focused on second pothole.

Broken asphalt pavement on a highway resulting in unsafe driving conditions.

Information about the repair can also be distributed to Waze in the Waze data format. After completion, all steps can be analyzed to create management reports and implement ongoing process improvement.

TIC can also be configured to prioritize pothole repair projects based on road class so that potholes on more heavily traveled roadways receive more immediate attention

The process can be completely automated, or an agency can first have an operator review, verify, prioritize and assign the repair project manually.

All of the other advanced traffic information features of TIC are available within the repair project as well, so information can be distributed to navigation devices, broadcasters, VMS signs, portable devices, web pages, and directly to Waze.

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