SAFARI project to distribute FCD based Traffic Light Information via TPEG

April 18, 2017






In the frame of the SAFARI project, the switching times of  traffic light signals are reconstructed and predicted based on floating car data. Car drivers can obtain and make use of this information using a specially developed smartphone application. The data is transmitted via mobile radio and DAB+ using a TPEG application developed for this purpose.

The main goal is to provide a basis for a fast and wide-area deployment of cooperative systems such as the traffic light phase assistance by means of vehicle-based data (floating car data) instead of infrastructure-based data. Ultimately, this would lead to a globally deployable solution.

The project partners are the TISA Member Bayerische Medien Technik (bmt ) GmbH together with TRANSVER GmbH and Institute of Ergonomics (Technical University of Munich). The project is funded by the Bavarian Research Foundation.