Thomas Kusche-Knežević, WDR, announces launch of public TPEG Service via DAB+ in Germany

September 18, 2017

Mr Kusche-Knežević  presented the current status of TPEG in Germany via DAB+, and announced that German public service broadcaster network ARD has launched a public TPEG Service via DAB+ at IFA on September 4th, 2017.

He explained that this is a national service based on contributions from nine regional PSBs and using just one national SID. The service collects regional content of ARD members and sends back any relevant message from the German road network to ARD members multiplexes using a TIC3 based data pool. ARD members provide a full set of regional messages and any relevant content from other multiplex areas.

Mr Kusche-Knežević highlighted that this is not only a German activity, it also involves Switzerland, where Viasuisse AG/SA and SRG have developed corresponding services. The result is a synchronised service design with the same technical and editorial specifications.

Mr Kusche-Knežević stated “ARD is happy to improve the quality of Public Service. We are looking forward to cooperate with device makers to make TPEG via DAB+ a market success”

Many TISA members supported this major activity: ADAC, IRT, BMt, Garmin, GEWI, SRS SSR, Viasuisse AG/SA and WDR.

Left: Mr Kusche-Knežević, Senior Editor, WDR
Second left: Marc Brönnimann, Director, Viasuisse AG / SA

Garmin prototype showing the new service