TISA is a new member of the Open Autodrive Forum

April 19, 2016

20160412_3rd-OADF_WEBTechnical & Standardisation Committee Chair Teun Hendriks, BAWG Chair Andras Csepinszky and Executive Director Matthias Unbehaun represented TISA at the 3rd Open Autodrive Forum (OADF – see also www.openautodrive.org) meeting on 12 April 2016, at TomTom headquarters in Amsterdam. At the event, TISA was welcomed as the 4th organisation to join the Forum – in addition to NDS Association and the ADASIS and SENSORIS platforms.

TOM_7243The OADF is a fast growing, cross-domain collaboration platform for all matters related to dynamic digital maps and autonomous driving. “A tight collaboration between TISA and the OADF is obvious, specifically since traffic information for autonomous driving is one of the focus topics on the TISA strategic roadmap,” states Teun Hendriks. Andras Csepinszky adds that “Improving the accuracy of traffic information to lane-level and beyond is vital. We will need to work on making TPEG fit for autonomous driving use cases during the coming 2-3 years”.

At the OADF event, TomTom founder and CEO Harald Goddijn gave an inspiring keynote speech with
an outlook on the opportunities associated with the technologies currently developed by the OADF members. He underlined the importance of high-resolution and dynamic maps for autnomous driving.

TOM_7377s_WEBPrior to the OADF event, a technical meeting between NDS and TISA took place on 11 April. Several topics were identified, where both organisations will collaborate and engage in joint technical development – among them possible extensions to the TPEG location referencing container, up-link communication on transport and application layer in TPEG as well as harmonization of lane-level referencing between NDS, ADASIS, and TPEG.