TISA – at the heart of collaboration

September 15, 2022

TISA and its members came together in Brussels last week to discuss progress in a variety of standards related to automated driving and active mobility. In a packed programme of committee meetings, but also presentations made by external guests – it offered a real possibility to brainstorm together, make decisions with members and firm up the next steps for developing standards.

It was also an opportunity to nominate new roles in the committees that play such an important role in developing these standards. Rob van den Berg Automotive Standardisation Expert at Huawei Research Institute was nominated to chair the TPEG Application Working Group and Luka Krevs CEO of Realis was nominated as Products Committee Chair. Director Matthias Unbehaun also introduced Cordelia Wilson as the new Communications Consultant for TISA.

Beyond the confidential work of the committees, of high interest were the presentations from external guests. Stephane Dreher from ERTICO-ITS Europe presented the new FAME project, that supports the coordination of projects within the CCAM landscape, which began with CARTRE. ‘Challenges are varied in this landscape but include a lack of common vocabulary, fragmentation of research and scattered knowledge. The objective is to create a common evaluation method and a European framework for CCAM testing, as well as to avoid duplication.’ He emphasised that FAME has a new approach inspired by research and innovation rather than only coordination. Central to this is effective mapping and a knowledge base. He concluded ‘We want to be a non-stop shop for all the initiatives in the sector, to facilitate the organisation of tests, but also to ensure we compare results-sharing of lessons learnt and knowledge.’

Another guest was Timo Hoffmann from BAST who came to present NAPCORE ‘the National Access Point Coordination Organisation for Europe’. The ITS Directive 2010/40/EU and its Delegated Regulations require that each European Member State must establish a National Access Point (NAP) for mobility data. There are now more than 30 operational National Access Points in virtually all EU Member States, where mobility related data is published and made available for use in for example travel information services. Its aim? ‘To increase interoperability by further establishing standards and recommendations for data exchange formats, content, access and data availability in the mobility domain in Europe.’

All Members agreed on the importance of TISA for its role of facilitating the best long-term business case for ‘everyone in the room’ and the importance of meeting face-to-face regularly and collaboration with other like-minded organisations that play an active role in the industry.

Next meeting 6-7 December 2022. Want to be a member? Reach out to s.chaufton@tisa.org