TISA goes beyond traveller information at the Virtual ITS European Congress 2020

November 24, 2020

Decision makers, disrupters and high profile companies from a range of industries including the European Commission spoke at the first ever Virtual ITS European Congress on key issues and game-changers for ITS in adapting to the crisis, post-crisis and for the future.  TISA President Thomas Kusche-Knežević spoke at the Highlight Session “Public-private cooperation for Safety on the Road” about the benefits of TPEG.

Public private cooperation for road safety, data-driven actions and strategies, learnings from the cooperation between public authorities and map providers, and much more. The highlight session on public-private cooperation for safety on the road brought together representative from HERE Germany, Technolution, Rijkswaterstaat, ERTICO and TISA.

Once again, TISA served as successful example of how the collaboration between the public and private sector can foster the advancement of technologies in the field of road and traffic safety and benefit the large public. “Today, TISA can boast of a global membership covering the entire value chain for traveller information, with hundreds of millions of TMC devices all over the world, and a significant percentage of devices with TPEG in cars with advanced Assistance Systems.” said Thomas KuscheKnežević in his presentation of the Emergency Alerts and Warnings (EAW). “Thanks to this cooperation, we at TISA were able to develop technologies that can be used worldwide, such as EAW. In particular, the cooperation between TISA and BBK, founded by the EU/International Security Funds, has been crucial for the development of EAW.”, he concluded.

Participants had the chance to learn about the advantage of TPEG, which is not only the readiness of implementation on every distributions channel, but also its design, which features a powerful tool box. In the framework of road safety, the TPEG EAW application offers the most promising solution, as any alert and warning message can be shown on a TPEG device worldwide, giving the possibility to also choose a preferred language.

The next steps for TISA will be to test TPEG EAW in a field trial in Germany. Stay tuned!

More information about TPEG EAW is available here.