TISA Members discuss automation, GDPR and Emergency Alerts and Warnings during March committee meetings

March 29, 2019

On 12 and 13 March, TISA Members gathered in Brussels for the Committee Meetings. Highlights of these two days were a presentation on “Privacy in the Age of the Connected Car” by Otonomo’s Director Business Development EMEA Rob Willekes and the presentation on “Emergency Alerts and Warnings” carried out by Teun Hendriks.

Given the accelerated technological developments for automated driving, it is very important for TISA Members to engage in discussions on how the various aspects related to automation in transport are tackled. In this sense, Otonomo provides a neutral automotive data service platform that paves the way for new apps and services, with the aim to help drivers, municipalities, mobility services and automotive manufacturers at global level to extract the most value from that data. Rob also touched on GDPR, and how this new set of rules can impact data sharing for autonomous vehicles and data sharing services, motivating Otonomo’s work on an anonymization engine.

The second highlight of these Committee Meetings was Teun Hendriks’ presentation on Emergency Alerts and Warnings (EAW) for TPEG. In case of hazards, the distribution of Emergency Alerts and Warnings (EAW) is enabled though messages, which are adapted and sent to media devices, such as phones, satellites, the internet and – with the addition of TPEG EAW – also navigation devices, where it can be used to both alert drivers in a way that does not disturb the driving task and to influence the routing of the vehicle to avoid concerned areas. TPEG EAW is based on the widely adopted Common Alerting Protocol (CAP).

The Committee Meetings were also an occasion for Members to discuss 4 new ideas proposed by the members, mainly focussing on the existing TPEG standard EMI (Electromobility Information) and learn about the MaaS Alliance and MaaS Activities, thanks to a presentation given by MaaS Alliance coordinator Piia Karjalainen.

The next Committee Meetings will take place in Brussels on 18 and 19 of June.

Presentations are also available:

  • Privacy in the Age of the Connected Car – Rob Willekes
  • Emergency Alerts and Warnings – Teun Hendriks