TISA Members protagonists at the 26th ITS World Congress

December 16, 2019
Another year, another ITS World Congress, another success! TISA and many of its Members participated in the 26th ITS World Congress, which took place in Singapore. A five-day event which gathered more than 10,000 participants and over 3,000 exhibitors to discuss how Smart Mobility is empowering cities around the world.

Protagonists of this Congress were the many TISA Members present to showcase their latest developments in the field of intelligent Transport Systems.

From Aisin, to Continental, DENSO, GEWI and Navinfo, the 26th ITS World Congress set the perfect opportunity to learn more about TISA Members’ newest solutions.

Speaking of demonstrations, two very interesting ones were showcased at TISA’s booth.

The first demonstration was the “ADASIS electronic horizon”, showcasing Live lane-level traffic data mapped on ADASIS electronic horizon using Elektrobit Robinos Predictor, while the second one focussed on “Dynamic traffic simulation”, showing how external traffic can influence the behavior of AD vehicles in mixed traffic flow.

Last but not least, TISA participated in a Special Interest Session to discuss the challenges of integrating automated vehicles into the digital infrastructure, together with ERTICO – ITS Europe, NDS Association, HERE Technologies and the University of Japan’s Center for Spatial Information Science.

Digitisation of road transport and emergence of Automated Driving brings together different challenges in particular the need for data exchange between vehicles and the infrastructure. TISA discussed its vision when it comes to identifying the data needed to support Automated Driving, how the automated vehicle should be integrated with the digital infrastructure currently under development and whether the traffic will be managed differently.

The session brought together speakers from different organisations to share their knowledge on the topic and find a way forward for cooperation between OADF and Traffic Management as part of the digital Infrastructure.

The 2019 ITS World Congress proved that TISA is now an established brand in the ITS community, attracting the interest of many ITS stakeholders to TISA’s solutions.