TISA signs MOU with ERTICO-ITS Europe

September 7, 2022

Today, TISA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ERTICO -ITS Europe to further strengthen collaboration in Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS) innovation and development, promotion and deployment. This strategic partnership builds on a relationship that has been established over ten years and is based on a long history of exchanging information on research, innovation and development activities.

“This memorandum marks another important step in the shared commitment of promoting open dialogue and knowledge exchange between two like-minded multi-stakeholder organisations within the ITS ecosystem. TISA plays an important role in ERTICO’s objectives and brings a valuable contribution to the smart mobility data space that is constituted by important platforms and European projects,” says Joost Vantomme, CEO of ERTICO.  “TISA will now be an independent platform, however common targets and our joint work in innovation will continue to bring our shared memberships together in the deployment of smart mobility, albeit in a new structure. We are pleased to continue this cooperation to leverage collaborative efforts in thought leadership and capacity-building, in traffic and travel information services which is of intense value to traffic safety and road users.”

“TISA is the home of standards for traffic and traveller information, given this, it is natural that we build on our past relationship and today seal our collaboration with ERTICO- ITS Europe. ERTICO brings a variety of projects and platforms to the smart mobility sector, and it is important that TISA can continue to develop these projects still further into standards for the marketplace,’ says Thomas Kusche-Knežević,  TISA President.

“TISA plays a key role in the ERTICO mobility data space for deploying innovation given its expertise in communication protocols and data exchange. The signature of today’s MoU partnership has more than a decade of comprehensive and close collaboration. We are thrilled to see the formalisation and strengthening of our cooperation,” says Dr. Johanna Tzanidaki, Chief Innovation Officer at ERTICO. “The work conducted by TISA on traffic communication protocols (TMC and TPEGs) are central to our ERTICO Partnership work in the Mobility Management Network.”

“TISA’s global membership works towards creating ISO standards applicable worldwide. We look forward to continuing a productive and innovative relationship with ERTICO and assisting our organisations to achieve their shared objectives, leading to a more standardised smart mobility sector that in turn offers safer mobility solutions for today’s users and those of the future,” says Matthias Unbehaun, Executive Director of TISA.

TISA develops and promotes open standards and policies that facilitate a timely and cost-effective deployment of TTI services and products to increase traffic safety, minimise environmental impact and improve quality by maximising interoperability worldwide.  To further support the achievement of common objectives, TISA and ERTICO will promote and jointly organise activities of shared interest following the establishment of the MoU.