TISA stand D101 @ ITS Congress 6-9 June 2011 in Lyon wrong

TISA and EasyWay ESG5 cooperate to deliver coherent Traffic Information from content provider to the end-user

For the ITS Congress Exhibition (6-9 June 2011) EasyWay ESG5 and TISA have collaborated on a common demonstrator showing a full end-to-end information delivery chain, starting from an original content provider (e.g. a traffic management system) generating DATEX II messages down to the final display to the motorists in end user devices. This is made possible through a DATEX II-to-TPEGTMconversion that will hand-over TPEGTM messages to TPEGTM services. These messages will then be delivered to the End-User devices via various delivery channels: Digital Radio, Internet and Wi-Fi.

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NAVTEQ Announces Real-Time Traffic for Russia

Nearly 19,000 kilometers of roadway coverage now available in three of Russia’s largest cities.

More information available in NAVTEQ Press-release

i-Mobility Webinar featuring TISA: the presentation materials are available

On 17th March 2011, TISA held its first webinar in cooperation with ERTICO. During this webinar, Dave Francis, ITIS, explained how the Digital Radio switch-over in the UK will put some big challenges in front of Service Providers and Terminal Device Manufacturers. He went on to  explain that there are technical issues to overcome is FM is switched off, because services for the RDS-TMC supported Navigation Systems will be lost. This would not only affect the development of new products but also the very large legacy of vehicles on the road. The time pressure will require a transitional solution. Meanwhile, Bev Marks, TISA Executive Director, also explained that a myriad of TISA Specifications will provide for the long-term future capability of TPEGTM based services to be carried by Digital Radio in order to, significantly, give much more rich content to the vehicle.

Both presentations from Bev and Dave are publicly available on the TISA Website

TISA member Be-Mobile launch BE-TMC-Pro services in Turkey and Portugal

TISA member Be-Mobile is proud to announce the commercial launch of its BE-TMC-Pro services in Turkey and Portugal.

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ITIS delivers new traffic information service using anonymised signal data from over 17 million mobile devices for navigation systems in Germany

The TISA Member ITIS has announced that they will be supplied with anonymised mobile location data from the O2 network in order to analyse and predict traffic flows on streets much more precisely. Proprietary and patented processes will be used to generate high quality speed and flow information across all roads in Germany. The BMW Group will be the first carmaker to use the new PrecisionTraffic technology in its vehicles as part of their pan European traffic service which was awarded to MILE Traffic and Travel GmbH of which ITIS is a shareholder.

The full press release is available here